Sunday, February 27, 2011

Princess Puzzle

Bright and early. The girls got up this past weekend and wanted to work a 150 piece puzzle. Knowing that really meant I got to work a 150 piece puzzle, I suggested we pour out all the pieces on teh floor of the foyer. Oh, don't get me wrong. I got lots of "help". YOu know like SHOVING to get a piece which very much didn't fit to fit by tearing up all the ones I had worked so hard to match.
I'll have you know... I got that sucker finished! And Belle has yards and yards of yellow fabric in her dress. Just sayin'!
And see those boxes? They are hand me downs... clothes and toys. Gotta find em a home!
There are also bags of new Easter decorations. I am in pastel gear... full force!
And finally, I found this.
Leftover glittery hearts that were used to "clothe" Ariel. I am concerned about my kid's fashion sense! Today she told me... "I need you to get me a tank top, a mini skirt, and some brown Uggs." I was a little confused, then she reminded me of the teenager we saw in Target one day. I hardly even remembered this, but it was burned into Ellie Sue's memory! What ever happened to smocked dresses and pantaloons?
She's growing up so fast!


Mike and Becky Fogarty said...

Wish I lived closer to take your girls clothes hand-me-downs. Their both such fashionestas and they don't even know it. Well....Ellie definitely thinks so.

tricia said...

Ellie thinks she's 13. Good luck with that! LOL

snekcip said...

Slow down Ellie!!

Anonymous said...

Love your signs and sayins and love that you're still using them at the BAH! We know ALLLL about the skirts and uggs around here! And, I'm on the same bandwagon you're on with the smocked dresses and pantaloons! I'm determined to bring 'em back! ;)