Monday, February 14, 2011

Dad is our favorite Valentine!

I made sure I had my girlies all dolled up and ready for daycare before I even let their little eyeballs see what their daddy had gotten for them! ANd buddy, they were plenty fired up! Look at Ellie's perma grin!
There are a few movies she doesn't have that she has been mentioning. Our daddy has been paying attention!
I wore my usual lovey dovey pin to work! MM+TG. I've had it for years!!
I'm proud of Todd. He's always been a good (as in conscientious and meaningful) gift buyer. And now his girls will get to be on the receiving end of this fortunate quality!
He even bought mama a new DVD (Social Network), some Frappucinos, peanut butter M&M's and a new board game!
Our latest thing is to take a whole armful of things to daycare with us! TOday, she chose a new princess puzzle and a barbie box of candy with markers to color the velvet box.
Gabbi was happy to just make a bowl full of my M&M's. Is she not the cutest thing?!
Last week, if you were FB'ing with me, you saw a photo a day before daycare, in this very spot. They even got to where I could say, "Go stand by the flag", and they'd go right there. Today, Ellie pointed out to me, "It's by the armadillo."
WHO taught her the word, "armadillo"!?
Ellie snagging a little candy when Gabbi stopped paying attention.
ANd a shout out to my buddy, Breanna, who made these super cute shirts for my girls and mailed them to me as a total surprise! Yippeeeee. I love surprises like that!! Her etsyshop is Bayou Moon. Go check it out!
Well, that was our V-Day from our daddy-O! As I type, I am watching Alice and WOnderland as promised early this morning. Ans as soon as this one's over, we will watch The Princess and the Frog. (A in W is WEIRD!! I'd forgotten HOW weird!) Oh, and they are plowing through their bags of candy from daycare. Gonna by seriously HYPED up on candy. Oh well, V Day is only one day a yar. Next up, Mardi Gras!! Woop Woop!!


kimybeee said...

adorable as usual! love gg's tights and both girls boots!

that toddly sure is an awesome and thoughtful daddy and hubby! you better hang onto him, with all the advertising you give him on here - somebody may try to steal him!! lol hope you also get a gift from him on 11-11-11 lol lol lol!!!!

kimybeee said...

oh i forgot to tell you - i went to hobby lobby today and bought the fixin's to make me a glass bead chain for my nametag at the hospital! i hope it holds together! i put some super glue on the stretchy stuff knot. i didn't even need any tools except scissors to cut the beads off the strings they came on. i got some of the cool "pimply" glass beads that i have seen you use and the flat and round beads that compliment them. it is very pretty if i do say so myself!!

tricia said...

Happy Valentine's Day to all. The girls are pretty in PINK!

SarahBeth said...

Quelf is so fun!!!

Amy K said...

The best dressed girls in town.

Oh my goodness....would you look at that Valentine's haul.

You 3 girls sure have an awesome Valentine!

I asked my son yesterday if he had a little girl Valentine at school, and he said, "I don't know....hey,'re my Valentine!!!". How precious is that? He just melts my heart!

Happy Love Day - everyday!

Shannon said...

All the pics are adorable...the one of Gabbi is a blow-up big one!!!

Thanks for sharing!

snekcip said...

Awwww too cute!

Unknown said...

Mel, I thought might want to check out thes purple boots on ebay!

Renee said...

The VD outfits are too cute, but I espcially LOVE those pink boots. And yes GG is absolutely precious. That's one of the best pics of her. Show's so much personality.

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~
What an great post on two cuties!!! The girls look so adorable in their Valentine’s outfits – you do such a great job with them!
There was definitely excitement in Ellie’s face – love it! And that precious Gabbi with her M&M’s – she’s happy.
I have never been to Mardi gras, but I am sure it is a blast, so have a ton of fun there!
And how nice that Todd is a great gift giver – the girls will benefit from that for a long time.
Have a wonderful Tuesday,
Diana from Colorado

Theresa Shirley said...

That's so great that Todd is a good gift-giving Daddy!! It means a lot when a man actually gives some thought to picking out special stuff. Your little family is just so blessed in so many ways! I love love love that picture of Gabbi Gull! It is just beautiful. It kills me how she is just all of the sudden posing just as pretty as you please for pictures--just like her big sister. Any more retreat details?

MLP said...

All of you are just something else!!! Love all the LOVE in your sweet family. Happy Valentine's Day!