Saturday, February 12, 2011

Art projects.

I have heard that saying, "we were all once artists. Only some of us get to stay one." Or something like that! I believe that! I mean, if Gabbi turns out to be a better artist than Ellie, or Ellie better than Gabbi, who knows at this age?!
Because at this age, art is pure and there is no competition.
And kids don't try to make their work look like anybody else's either! They just do their own thing... whatever comes into their little heads!
I think it's sweet. And I hope I can continue to foster my babies' love of art and all things creative.
They both seem to love it at this age.
And ya know, I think they are actually pretty good.
It's a good thing I have a huge bulletin board in my art room.
There are a lot of masterpieces I need to post now, and can only imagine how many more I will accumulate in the next few years.

Oh, wait... here is artist number two!!
She gets a little paint on the floor, the dresses, and anything in the vicinity.
And she particularly loves globs and globs of paint!
And she takes her art very seriously in case you were wondering!
A little bit like her mama!!
I seriously don't know what is going on with my posts. On MY computer, I totally skipped the whole "ellie style" blog... see below! I think I got my times/ dates all screwed up when pre posting. With babies, I sometimes snag a little free time and post for the whole week. I often mess up the post times. Anyway, sorry bout that! Make sure you read about Ellie's thigh high boots in the next post if you missed it. MO


tricia said...

i think all kids love painting. and are so proud of their work!!!!!!!!!1

snekcip said...

My baby loves art time as well! I love to see her "sunshine ppl"! The one w/the arms and legs sticking outta the head!! OMG PRECIOUS!!

Beth E. said...

I think it's wonderful that they love to paint! When my boys were young, the only way I could get them to "paint" was if they could use shaving cream or pudding. They just never were interested in it.

Have you been working on anymore talismans??? I'm looking forward to getting mine! ;-)