Sunday, February 20, 2011

2011 Valentines.

I think I'll just celebrate Valentine's all week long! Ellie and Maddi helped me freeze juice to have heart shaped ice treats. They were seriously really good!!
But what I wanted to post about, because as you remember, this blog also serves as my personal scrapbbook, is the girls' Valentines.
They both suit them to a tee! Gabbi's were princess Valentines.

Man, Valentines are so much more fun than they were when I was a kid! We just picked the ones we liked, folded them over and wrote everyone's names on them.
Nowadays, there is a very specific multi-procedural step by step instruction to getting all parts together. Gabbi's had those red gummy heart candies. Ellie's has, naturally, big girl tattoos!
I just know that Landon and Ethan and Peyton, and Nathan, and....
all the other boys in her class (there's only one other girl in the class now) just really LOVED these lips and purse ands and high heel tattoos?!?One of the tattoo choices was a tall french poodle. I tried to choose it for the boys. It was as masculine as it got!

I can so vividly remember choosing just the right valantine card for each person in my class. I NEVER wanted a boy to get the wrong "I like you" vibe from me because naturally, if I gave him a valentine that said, "YOu are the real deal" or "I like you" or as above, "Fairytales come true", (God forbid), then I was somehow sending a hidden message!
I know I will be going through that someday too! Until then, I will just write "ELLIE" or "GABBI" on random cards and stick em in a ziploc to get to school.
Oh, hey. Here's the spread our daddy gave us... in a more orderly fashion. As it was found.

These are a few of my favorite things!
And the good news is that VDay posts are almost over. Still one or two more... but then, I'm back to talismans, so get ready!!


snekcip said...

Whoa!! That's a VALENTINE HAUL!!! You guys had a great valentine's day!

tricia said...

Quite the Valentine's Stash!! I bet all the girls were excited.

Auntie Mip said...

Dearest Mo,

I for one and LOVING the Valentine's posts. Especially as I read about what a wonderful daddy Todd is. Will you please mention my comment to him cuz this one really is all about the daddy Todd chooses to be and it really is all about choices isn't.

I am a daddy's girl...always have been, always will be. Drove my sisters nuts that as a grown woman I still called him daddy and he called me "Pud"...short for pudding. He named me, Melinda, and while everyone else calls me Mindi, daddy called me Pud or Melinda every day of my life...he also called me "Snooks" but that Snookie twit has ruined that :-)

My dad had three daughters, my mama and my grandma, Nanny who lived with us and he loved his women! He was great with gifts, always picked out something special for every birthday, Christmas and special occasions in addition to going shopping with my mom. He was a real flowers kinda guy and when we were born he picked a color of rose that would be ours...mine was yellow. Now Daddy started something when he was dating my mom and it involves the number three. We always got 3 roses instead of a dozen...on birthdays, when I was in plays and skating competitions and for Valentine's Day. Three was his number, his lucky number, his special number because as he explained to my mom on the night he proposed with a ring with three diamonds, three is the exact number of words in " I love you" beautiful. So every Valentine's Day from the day I was born until 6 years ago when he slipped into a coma on Valentine's Day I received 3 long stemmed yellow roses. We lost him 2/24/ has been so hard but I have the most wonderful memories of my daddy.

Ellie and Gabbi will too. They will remember all these wonderful little gestures and moments. They will know with certainty how it is a man should treat a woman, and it will have little to do with the fun gifts and treats and everything to do with the way Todd lives love in action for you and them. One day when they are hopefully much older than I am and their daddy flies home, they will have a heart and soul so full of love that he won't seem that far away at all. Todd, you are wonderful daddy and a blessing indeed to those beautiful girls God chose just for you!

Mary said...

So fun!!! I would love to know where you all get your energy! Such a busy and fun family!