Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We are ready for Valentine's Day. Yessirreee!

DUDE! I am so on the ball this year! It usually lasts until about February! But I am gonna ride this wave until it dies anyway! I have the talisman project up and running (and so glad that so many of you were pleased with your piece... that can be stressful!), and my blog is loaded with pics of the new year, so I can just blog away with words and not have to take the excrutiatingly LONG time to load up pics. Come on blogspot... speed it up! really! So, the day we took down our tree, I went out and bought glitter. I knew my girls needed decoration (or "relish"!!) in their lives!
As you may know by now, Mary Allison is our every SUnday babysitter. Or at least when she feels like it!
And when she's there, I get my money's worth! Last week, we glittered cardboard hearts! They are to be hung in the windows in the girls' rooms.
Ever worked with spray adhesive?! UGH! I hate that stuff. But, it was effective, so somebody had to do it! Enter Mary Allison!
Ellie is pretty serious about her art projects! Can you tell?!
She is also pretty serious about her hair accessories! I mean, check out the BLING in that child's hair!!
Quite certain she dug this outfit out herself! AND she can now put her own scrunchie in her hair. Hilarious!!
Well, so, what do ya think?! I think they turned out pretty cool! And I got the hearts from the dollar bin at Michaels!! About 5-6 of them in scrapbook form for a buck! ANd they already have the hole in them where we strung the ribbon through!
I'll have to show you the finished product later. Ellie LOVES it. Except by the time we'd finished making them, she'd already decided who was to receive which heart. ANd to this day, she is angered that the "white heart" hanging in the garland in her room was for Johnnye! Yeah, Ellie, I am sure he is missing it!!


Auntie Mip said...

I forgot to tell you something last night when I was gushing over my beautiful treasure. I am so honored that you included your prized "e", saved for your Ellie Sue, on my talisman. Wanna hear something kind cool? Your Ellie Sue's "e" is going to Mindi Sue...kinda funny, but true...this Yankee is named Mindi Sue!

Kathryn said...

Fun craft!

kimybeee said...

love it! something so simple and sweet to do with the girls! and what a giving spirit that ellie already has - just take her to the store and let her pick out valentines for everybody - and gg too! i am sure that gg would like the valentines that come with suckers! lol

Amy K said...

Fun times! Can't wait to see the finished project.
Maybe mom should go back to Michael's and get Ellie some more hearts, so she can make some to give away! Just sayin'....

Renee said...

So cute. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Beth E. said...

YOU are a brave woman! There's no way I would've let my boys (in their younger years) get anywhere NEAR glitter! lol

The hearts are great!

Theresa Shirley said...

Gabbi girl looks pretty serious about her project too!!! That is so sweet that they'll sit still and do a craft. I love Ellie's outfit that she put together herself--and the fact that she can put her own scrunchies in now is fabulous! That she wants to give all the hearts away is so sweet---she's just wanting to share the love!! I think it's great that she shares her Mom's gift of creativity. Wish I had that gift! Keep up the good work with those precious girls Mo!!

tricia said...

what an adventuresome craft for 'wee ones'. The thought of glitter:children gives me the chills. Looks like they are enjoying it. Johnnye can come by to visit his piece of artwork!LOL

snekcip said...

That spray adhesive is HORRIBLE!! I rather use a glue stick! I just love doing arts/crafts!! Bree just kinda goes overboard w/the glitter however, so we just settle for the glitter paint! Easier, washable and less mess!

Mbeaty19 said...

Love the hearts. Such a great craft that makes great holiday decorations. You're lucky to have MA to help you create all these wonderful crafts with your girls. Are you still finding glitter all over the place? Love all your (and the girls) craftiness and hope it continues to remind me to use mine.

Steph said...


I'm sure Johnnye is missing it. Who would be missing a gift that those sweet girls made for them. I'm sure he would love it.

Way to go Mary Allison for using the spray adhesive. I used it once for a kids choir art project and swore off the stuff ever since.