Sunday, January 9, 2011

Talismans ready to roll out!

Ok, guess what! I was on the road a little over 10 hours this past weekend with our trip to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl! Soooo, I asked Robin at the office to print out all my blog and email requests for talismans. I fixed me a little kit of favorite things to make fun necklaces with, and well, I think I got them all done! Yaaaay me! As for the couple of you who need a canvas and a necklace (by the 17th), don't worry. I can still get that done too. Caitlyn's necklace should be ready tomorrow!

So, to ensure that everyone who wanted one was printed off, here's the list of the ones I worked on and got done. I need you to email me if your name is on this list so I can give you a price (based on the components used in the piece) and you can give me a "send to " address! Some of the talismans are really simple. Some are quite complex. Some are on leather cording. Some on chain. Some are all mixed metals (my current favorite jewelry style), and some incorporate a little dash of color with the metals! So many of you wanted to know a price, and well, I just decided to go for it! If you decide you can't afford the piece or don't want it, that is ok. It gives me some things to load my Etsy shop with. But rest assured, I read your email or blog comments and really put thought into the pieces used, trying to make it specific to you and your word.

With that... here goes...

Alisha, you've got a necklace that represents HUMBLE! It could be CONTENT too! It has a cross in the middle, so either way, you are covered!

Kim, your necklace representing HOPE is ready. It has the pearl for the baby we are all HOPING for!

Mary, I know you need a SETTLE, but it didn't make the I-20 cut. It'll be in my next batch!

Amber, I haven't finished FAITH yet either. I left you a message. Email me with more details!

Anna Lea, I have your LEARN necklace ready. It's simple, but cool! Do you like leather or chain?!

Jen, I know you didn't ask for one, but you had to have it! So, THANKFUL is ready for you!

Jennifer, I have your talisman for EMBRACE ready to rock and roll! It's primarily about embracing change!!

As do you other Jennifer... your RENAISSANCE is really cool! Colorful and meaningful!

Tamera, I made a really funky DECLUTTER for you. I hope it fits your personality!

Jneman, I finished your FOCUS. It involves a central crystal, fitting for one to focus on!

Connie, I haven't done your RELISH yet. Since I did mine, I have to really think of something different for yours.

Kathryn, I havent' done it yet, but your REMAIN will be top of my list in the next batch. Just because!

Hallie, your HEALTHY isn't ready yet either, but it will be soon. Any further details helps with the final project!

Nineisenuff, your GROW is complete. I love it!

Blanche, your TIME Is ready as well. One of my absolute faves! And nice and long as requested.

Auntie Mip, I did make your EMBRACE and need a place to send that baby! It incorporates all 14 stinking surgeries that are in your rearview mirror! It's a cool one!

Mindy, I am hoping you are a different GROW than nineisenuff from the blog. Are you!? If so, you are in luck. I did a totally different GROW for you than the GROW from the blog! There's a 5 on it! (to commemorate your family of 5).

Cindy, I got your request for a HOPE necklace. And it is complete and ready for your daughter.

Angela, (Nurse Crazy), I got your request, but haven't completed ours yet. It'll be out soon! I have to let the info purcolate a bit to get it just right!

Mel in Michigan, your PATIENCE is ready to go. It is small and simple and connects you and your mom!

So, that is all the folks I got an order from. The prices are from $25-$40. If you are interested in one for yourself, and didn't see your name above, please email me. and if you DID see your name, email me so I can send your lovely out to you. That'll also give me your email addy so I can get you the price of yours as well as have it for a mailing list I am putting together for upcoming retreat invites. Can't wait to share each one on the blog. It'll give me a venue to explain why I chose what I chose for your talismans. If you'd rather I not, put that in your email as well.

Okie Dokie. Nighty night. See you all tomorrow! I've got baby girls to love on!



kimybeee said...

I am assuming that it is my Caitlin that you are working on! I am so excited. I can't imagine working on any kind of craft while riding in a car - especially jewelry! At least you made really good use of your time! I am enjoying checking our everybody's words.

Hallie said...

Okay Mel...I am really not sure what other details to give you. I picked Healthy for my word...and even though I am trying to eat better and exercise more which is what most people think about when you hear that word, I am also working on having a healthier mind, spirit and attitude. E-mail me at if you have any questions. I am not concerned about the price, so go for it...xxoo to you and the girlies.

Theresa Shirley said...

Did I read something about retreat INVITES???? Yippee!!! :)

Jen Ehlers said...

I e-mailed you my info! Can't wait to see all the different ones you came up with!

Janis Pattison Burke said...

I have never posted a comment. I love reading your blog! I am compelled to tell you my word. I really need a reminder with me daily and you are so amazing a "getting it". I little history. I am 3 months separated from a 22 year marriage with a very abusive man. mostly mentally, emotionally, verbally, with some small physical stuff but big physical threats. i am 42 and have 20 and 14 year old daughters. it took me this long to see it, to not live in fear of leaving and a few good friends who carried me when i couldnt carry myself to leaving him. its still a rough road and he is still trying to do all the same things to me through emails, texts, and lawyers. but i can say without a doubt i am happier than i ever have been. i had no idea how bad the oppression and fear was until i didnt have it anymore. i havent laughed this much in 22 years! all of this is to say my word is vulnerability. it may seem like an odd word for me at this time but i want to be vulnerable in appropriate ways. i left myself vulnerable in a bad way in my marriage but my friends saved my life and if i hadnt been vulnerable to them that wouldnt have happend and i would still be married. with that vulnerability comes freedom and happiness, which for me is a double meaning because i am free and happy for the first time in 22 years and i also am free to be me if i am willing to be vulnerable. and with that comes happiness and independence. hope this all makes sense.
i love love love reading your blog and i will try to comment more, its that vulnerability thing :)