Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Eve at the Raborns

I gave about half a thought to putting a cute outfit on Ellie Sue. About half! Then, I said, Oh what the heck. Let the girl ring in the new year HER style!! My friend, Tashia, had given a bunch of hand-me-down accessories from her daughter, Taylor to Emma. However, poor Emma never got to see them, because her wicked ol' witch mama, Paula, quickly bagged it all up and brought it to Ellie. I had no time to intercept it, and voila... we now have LOTS more accessories. Just what I was hoping for! NOT!
What Ellie decided to wear to our New Year's Eve/ Jake's birthday party celebration demonstrates her appreciation to Tashia, Taylor, Paula and Emma!
I don't think any fewer than 12 bracelets, and a smattering of necklaces! Oh...and a couple 0f boxes of sparklers for later!
As is usually the case, the boys sat around outside watching football and admiring TG on the grill!
While the women were inside tending the children, small talking and munching on appetizers.
By the way... like Ellie's new boots? She sure does!
This is Austin. He is one of the more responsible friends of John Ford's... Paula's oldest kid. He also doesnt' mind playing ball with Gabbi Girl, so I am all about being a fan of Austin.
This is sweet Hunter, Taylor's (aka accessory diva), brother. He is so kind hearted. He always leaves his buddies when my girls and I show up. He wants Gabbi to come to him so bad! As do most! It is like a challenge to get Gabbi Girl to go to anyone but dear old mom!!
My, oh, my! No one told us this was such a formal event! Shimmy shimmy shiny sequin dress.
And you know how Ellie's pose is the hands on hips, knee cocked up? Well, Maddi's is the hands on hips, sway waaaay back, squat down a bit, and twist at the waist!
A few of my best frans...Kim, Penny, and Paula.
Staci had a few New Year cookies made. Actually, a LOT of new year cookies made... these are just the three left at about 7:30 when I got there! Ha.
Tashia won the big Gabbi lottery and gave Mama Mel a few minutes. However, she had to pimp herself out with that phone! Letting GG use your phone, particuarly if there are games, will almost always get you some lap time!
Our highlight of the night, as usual on New Year's Eve, is singing Happy Birthday to our sweet Jake!
It's hard to believe that he would have been 9 years old. Just too crazy! And, yes, Ellie and Gabbi have already changed into dress up clothes! May be 8:00 by now!
Of course we had to light the candles a second time, because this overzealous crew blew the candles out prematurely! And that's Emma Lou... only one month younger than Jake!

I wanted to take a minute to thank all of you who shared your word! I am really thankful you trusted me to know your word! I will try to come up with a few ways for us to reconnect with our words throughout the year. I'm remaining with "try". My total flop last year showed me that I am not the Wonder Woman I sometimes fool myself into thinking I am. I do intend to also have a retreat (or several) this year. Suzy... you in?! You gonna help me? Susan, you ready to get your cookin' on?! Let's do this!
and by the way, as I am sitting here typing, I am watching Bridalplasty on E! Has anyone seen this?! Omg! Seriously? Challenges to WIN plastic surgeries prior to wedding days! Ludicrous!
Talisman workshop will begin next week! We're having a little roadtrip to the Cotton Bowl in Dallas to see our Tigers play! And Kim... I WILL get your baby girl's necklace done! Count on it!


Denise said...

OH BOY! OH BOY! Just read your blog (as I do everyday!) and you're talking about "retreats" at your BAH in West Monroe, Louisiana, 'bout 1,500 miles away??!! Pleeeeeeeease don't forget to advise me 'cuz sure as my name is Denise I'll be hightailing it down south asap to see y'all and gab and maybe get some craftin' done. :)
BTW.... my new word this year is "health".

kimybeee said...

i have been watching "that show" as i channel surf - is it not the worst? but it is like the great big train heading for the nuclear power plant - you know it is gonna wreck, but you stand and watch it anyway! i wanna smack janessa the big b of the house. i don't feel so guilty since i don't make an effort to watch, i just watch when i stumble on it! lol

Nascar88_20 said...
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Nascar88_20 said...

I wondered if your "crew" would be coming to Big D to watch LSU. (I'm currently in mourning since my hogs failed on their comeback attempt tonite agaist ohio st). I'll definitely be pulling for LSU against a&m. Blow your horns as you come thru Mesquite so I can wave. :)

And I'm sorry, but there's just something wrong when the Ticket City bowl is played ON New Years Day IN the Cotton Bowl, but the "Cotton Bowl" is played a week and a half later at Jerry World.


Susantwilhelm said...


I am set on ready, girl! But we may have to disagree on Friday 'cause I can only say GIG 'EM!

tricia said...

love you sharing pics with us. your friends are so close and it's great to see the love you have for each other

snekcip said...

Count me in! I so wanna be there!! I think it's gonna be a blast! I hope it it doesn't clash with an "online photography" class I've had interest in. It's for a good cause! It will benefit the orphans of China! Photography is my passion as well as being apart of such a wonderful cause.

Oh and my word for the year is "TIME! It's a rather elusive word, because it can be on our side and against us, it can slip away from us in an instant, it can be our best friend and our worst enemy! Many seek more of it, while some of us "wonder where did it go! I'm on a quest to "find" more of "it"! I'm determined I will make the BEST OF "IT" and CHERISH "IT" MORE!

blessedmomof3 said...

I love Ellie's ensemble. Those green bracelets were the perfect accessory for Jake's birthday celebration.:) Her boots are the best!! My 15 year old loves them!

Unknown said...

Oh yea. I'm in. Lots of workshop/class ideas. Taking Jan. to re-organize and make plans. Other than graduation(mid May)...ANYTIME. you name it.
Making Artist Trading Cards this week. Found a stash of something called French Curves yesterday. They are one of my new favorite things. ALSO, one more thing, I found a new word when I googled ATC's : "millefiori" Italian meaning thousand flowers. Usually describes bead design patterns, but you have to google image this one. Plus, I love saying that word. millefiori. It makes me "Happy" LOL. ttyl

Dottie Phillips said...

Mo, my word for the year is stability. And i would love a necklace... just let me know how much! This past year has been so crazy. Still battling for custody of Brooke against her bio grandparents, the addition of another adopted baby, the expenses that go with both issues caused me to have to give up my house and we are now living in a rented basement suite. We just need some stability!! Looking forward to providing that to my baby girls and muself!!