Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas at JinJin's.

We'll go latest to earliest on the Christmas festivities! It should go much quicker seeing as how I got a NEW LAPTOP from my big, hot Santa!

And so, I type to you live now from JinJin's house. This is where we always hang out the WHOLE day on Christmas Day! She has a little issue with Christmas. She does not know when to say when! I mean, seriously!
The girls (and now big boys) really get spoiled silly on Christmas. Jin says it's why she works and it's how she likes to do it, so I say, rock on!
Mom's beau, Baxter, got a new recipe to try out which involved lots of whipping cream, 3 sticks of butter, 5 cups of milk and some grits. He made for us shrimp and grits which was absolutely unbelievable!
We were kinda trying to figure out how many calories there were in each serving, and then we got so depressed we just ate our way out of the bad mood!
Our usual JinJin breakfast tradition is to make omelets with all these options! We throw whatever we want into a ziploc FREEZER bag along with 2 eggs. You drop your bag into boiling water for 13 minutes, and voila.... an omelet!
And then we set forth to tackle this craziness!
Can you believe Hunter is 16? He has stubble on his chin! And gets man-sized boots for Christmas. It just kills me!
Glad we still have two and three year olds to even it all out. Oh.... and all pink and frilly things. (Except Ellie's whose is typically silver and with sequins). More on JinJin's house later this evening!


Belinda said...

Looks like lots of family fun!! Cant wait to see more!

kimybeee said...

if jin is gonna have so many presents, she needs a bigger tree! looks like a fun time for everyone and lots of neat traditions!! i can remember when you posted pics of that man-sized boot wearin boy with a shaved head to match his little brothers! merry christmas to all the massey/groves/raborn family!