Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas at JinJin's continued...

Ok, let's get back to JinJin's.... Remember I mentioned lots of pink?!
Welllllll, I gotta say a three year old is a ball at Christmas!
These two SCREAMED with the opening of every present! And then, they had to pose it up with each new outfit!!
I'd make matters worse by saying, "Work it. Pose it. Shake it. Come on, girls. You got it."
And they'd change their poses just about every two seconds!!
We had to keep everything seriously separated because, have I mentioned, Jin JIn goes a bit overboard?! So, there were three of everything. And there was a lot of everything! For example, when I got home last night, I opened ONE bag for Ellie and ONE bag for Gabbi that I had prohibited being opened at mom's. It was an "art bag". In Ellie's I found 8 coloring/activity books, a craft box with at least three boxes of crayons and two boxes of markers. Then, there were two Color WOnder kits. ANd that, again, was ONE gift. Gabbi's looked a lot like that! She only had seven coloring books. She got the shaft!
Don and Todd got nerdy things which they absolutely loved! I gave Todd an iPad, so he worked on it all morning, and Don and Staci gave him some ipad accessories. Then, Jin gave both of them iTV?! Or something like that! They were jazzed. I was just confused. I don't think you could find anyone more high tech challenged than I am!!
I can blog. I can stor pictures. (With a whole lot of duplication) and I can email. ANd that about sums it up!

Oh, did I mention Todd got that dumbbell shaker thing "as seen on TV".
These two just thought they were divas!
Please note Ellie's BFF bracelet. They both got one. They are BFF's... that's for sure. I hope it lasts!
This little angel has NOT been her usual self! She has fussd, whined and let's say CRIED the entire holiday! ENTIRE!! No, I mean ENTIRE! I may have bald spots by now! (I am seriosuly hoping that the effects of a steroid shot can last days. Can it?!)
Then there are these little moments of quiet when she is being the Gabbi Girl I adore.
She is letting her new Cinderella doll talk on the phone!
This picture is a money shot! Maddi is actually airborn!!
They were pretty jazzed about all their gifts! In fact, we were back home and in bed when Ellie leans over to me and says, "Mom, I really liked all the things JinJin bought me." I said, "WOuld you like to call her and tell her?" She said, "Yes", and so we did. While on the phone with her, she said, "And, JinJin, I liked the Easy Bake Oven that Nana and Pops got me too!" They go to bed earlier than mom, so we haven't called them yet. But, as a mom, I was glad to know that even thought it was a bit excessive, Ellie knew who had bought her what and was, indeed, thankful!

For instance, this sequin shirt! I am so glad these two held it up in a very Price is Right kind of way to let us all see it!
Anytime there is a "visitor" to our family Christmas, I imagine they leave thinking, "What the.... just happened?" It is kinda chaotic! And it lasted from 10am til about 6 pm!
Baxter was a trooper. I think he is coming to understand the Massey way.
Hayden told me, "I have worn the same shirt everyday this year (doubtful!!), and now I have enough to wear a different one every day for two weeks!".
THis is Ellie, very proudly, showing me her purple hair extension!
And this photo just takes the cake! JinJin HATES dogs! Well, she may say, "hate" is a strong word! Let's just say, she is "not an animal person". YET.... Baxter's dog, Buffy, was in town to celebrate Christmas with us. She hopped up in my mom's lap, and lo and behold, there was ol' Jin, stroking and petting that pup! Staci and I were secretly laughing our heads off. She must really like Baxter to be liking his dog!
These are my new spirit finger LSU gloves. Did I mention that, with the exception of Ellie, who wears sequins, we all keep our pjs on to go to Jin's on Christmas morning?! That's why we all look so "fancy".
Todd got a Doodle Board from Brookstone. It was the third one we got as a couple. I understand everybody thinking I would like anything that said, "doodle". And one would assume that we didn't really need three of them. But. He and I have already figured out where we are going to mount two of them, and I am going to keep the third in my car for list making.
Gabbi Girl was in and out of a back bedrooom all day. She is NOT feeling well at all! In fact, both girls were at the pediatrician twice this week! And a question I have for them is this... how long can the effects of a steroid shot hang with a kid... I am talking about mood, personality changes, etc. My baby girl has whined and fussed SOLID for about three days! Can anyone help me with this? ANd despite a shot of steroid/ antibiotic, breathing treatments daily, a prescription cough medicine, she is still coughing her head off and has yellow green snot! More than you wanted to know?!
Here, she is trying on my new LSU spirit finger gloves I got from Staci and Don. I am so gonna love these!
Hunter and Hayden seriously racked up on some gift certificates. How do you know what to buy teenage boys?! They won't tell you what they want, and you know, money always flies!
Ellie got lots of art stuff and lots of make uppy kinds of things. This particular craft was using stencils to draw peace signs and other girly things on your body as tattoos. Dad was a willing subject!
Todd is a good girl daddy!

He has had his share of hair dos ,lipgloss, and has held and rocked many a babydoll! And to sum it all up...
I just don't know how it could be possible that my kid doesn't become a cosmetologist, famous designer or wardrobe specialist! Here she is painting "hair mascara" (yes they really make that!), on Maddi's hair extensions.
And apparently, Ellie has convinced her that she is going to look fab-u-lous, because she stood there so willingly, awaiting the final outcome!
Have I mentioned three year olds are so much fun at Christmas?!
LOTS more Christmas fun to come!



crystal said...

Thanks MO, I feel like I was at JinJin's Christmas! I am thankful I didn't have to wrap all of those presents this year. Christmas IS so much fun! I really enjoy reading your blogs too. I just don't usually comment. :) Merry Christmas!

kimybeee said...

love it - so sorry that gg is not enjoying her holiday!

as for the dog - maybe jin just never met the right one? tee hee

Kathryn said...

You can expect a good week of steroiditis. Watch her for constipation, too. She may be getting a rampaging sinus mess on top of everything. Bless her heart, I hope she is better soonest!