Saturday, November 27, 2010

Family Night at Paula'

Random night at Pau-Pau's house! This is what her den looks like on MOST weeknights. I am not even exaggerating! She feeds the offensive line regularly!
And I just sat back and nurtured little Miss Rosie! This poor dog had no idea what the night would hold for her. Gabbi Girl treats this dog like a baby!
WHAT? Did you say, "Dog"?!
MOM!! Let me hold her, plleeeeaase!
Austin Cain is Paula's "other" son! I am never there that he is not there too!
This is , Sarah, who is dating one of Paula's "Other" kids, Aaron, who is also there every time I am there..
Oh, and here is Aaron!
And helllloooo there. Who is this mysterious hottie?!
Riunite on Ice. So nice!

This is Lauren. She is one the premier ballerinas in the area. Since Miss LInda is the owner/ operator/ head cheese of the Twin City Ballet Company, we also have dancers hanging around often too!
Mary Allison was over to babysit. She lucks out when her babysitting ends up next door where the O-line is being fed.
Sweet Sweet toted a baby around when she wasnt' carrying a puppy.
John took most of these pics, including this one of himself. This is Paula's oldest. Hard to think he is graduating this year, and I have a 2 year old and we are the same age!
Hello again, Sarah.
This is me and PauPau. Lifelong friends! We have been buddies since we wore tube socks with our cheerleader uniforms and rode with the football players on a Halloween hayride in the 6th grade! For whatever strange reason, that is my first memory of mine and Paula's friendship. She probably doesnt' even know that fact! Go Claiborne Cowboys! (Now Yellowjackets!)
There will be plenty of pics of John John, because he hijacked the camera.
Random pics of teens, taken by John.
Aha. ANother footballer. This is Colby.
Know what I love about him? His parents! They have supported the Jake Owen Raborn foundation for years. Funny how this world is so big, and we are all connected in so many ways.
This is Cade. His mom owns one of the hippest girls'/ women's clothing stores in town. WHY then is he succombing to that UGLY trend the younguns are all sporting... BLACK dress socks with tennis shoes. G-A-G!
HUH?! John, what's up with that?!
Todd and the men of the group tend to totally avoid the drama of the womenfolk and teens inside.

Gabbi is in Gabbi's world when there are animals around. The above photo says, "The fieeelllds are aliiiive...."
Fat Beaux liked having Gabbi Girl rub on him.
And then she practiced her jumping. I am proud of her. She mastered the two-footed jump, and now practices it regularly!

Other than to dogs, my child is most attached to M-E!
I'll accept the clinginess. Because, I mean, DANG! THis kid is CUTE!!

This one thinks she belongs with the teenagers. No, really! She thinks they want to be her best friends!
While all the kids were in the front, the mama was in the back, creating ehr "#62" sign to be held at the big playoff game this Friday night.
Nice work, my totally non-artistic friend, Paula. I mean really.... glittery pompoms, bells.... if it is tacky.... it makes the sign!
ANd all for this.... John , her first born. #62.
Go rebs. One more game til we are heading to the Superdome for the State Championship! Woop woop... any reason for us to travel to New Orleans is a good one!!


tricia said...

looks like a bunch of fun. It's great when kids congregate at one house.this way Paula knows where they are.

Renee said...

I'm wondering what's up in NOrth La and their sports--football team still in the playoffs and everytime us southerners played ya'll in baseball ya'll dominated. I'm thinking we need some of the north's water shipped down to us so maybe we can get on a winning streak too. Go Rebs in the playoffs.