Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Miss Donna's house

Just another day at the Groves's house. Wake up, feed the chillen. Pick out the clothes. Make sure Ellie's outfit includes leggings at all costs!
Slather on a little chapstick!
And a little more for good measure.
Then head on down the street to Miss Donna's.
This particular morning a miracle occurred. Gabbi voluntarily walked into the house. I nearly passed out.
Since Miss Donna or "Nonna" is usually fairly accurate in her assumption that I have not fed my kids, she puts them right into high chairs when we arrive. And she gives them more than powdered "no-nuts"! She whips out the big guns... oatmeal. toast. eggs! My kids think they've died and gone to Heaven!
I was very hesitant initialy to send them anywhere! I struggled with whether this would be the best decision for daycare. It is down the street and ultimately that is why I chose Nonna. I could, feasibly, drop them off, spend some time at the house alone... cleaning, organizing, etc. (AS IF!), then pick them up easily within minutes!
Nonna also takes them on field trips weekly! Jungle Gym, the park, McDonald's playland. I never even know their schedule. She just does it... with all SIX of them! My girls are the only girls.
That's the only thing I would change if I could. But since I can't. They will just have to learn to get along and be each others' best friend.
Oh, and did I mention they get a weekly manicure? Home with orange nails this week.... "For Halloween" per Ellie!


snekcip said...

Glad to see you have found someone who loves and cares for your girls in the way in which you do. It is sooo hard to find that these days! I think it's good for them to get out and experience being w/other kids their age *yes even of a different gender*! The girls seems to be thriving and judging from Gabbi's *new found independence*, looks like your "hip" is gonna be "child-free" in a few more weeks! If you notice, she will become more and more independent the longer she is "without" Momma all the time! That's a GOOD THING!

I have yet to find a "home daycare" that had any openings or suitable for Bree. However, she is in a daycare/preschool that I have found to be suitable to my likings and has come to love the curriculum. The pre-school she is in,administers homework DAILY and report cards at the end of the semester! I thought at first it was a little too stringent for a then 2yr old, but she "caught on" with no problem whatsoever! She absolutely loves it! I use to "walk her to the cafeteria" every morning! Now we get to the school and she proudly tells me "Momma...I can go to the cafeteria allll by myself!! It was a little bittersweet @ first, but I knew she was definitely "growing up!! I have to say, she has established great little friendships(I simply love her conversations about her day, when I pick her up). I also love how at that age "they soak up everything! She is learning on the same level as my niece in kindergarten!I'm just giddy over the fact she can spell her WHOLE name (Brejanae) and will tell's BREJANAE not BREE momma!! She's even learning how to WRITE it!! YAY!!!

Zhohn said...

So glad the childcare thing is working out for you!

LOVE Ellie's outfit, my be my favorite i've seen this fall! Not sure why, but it caught my eye.

tricia said...

sounds like a great daycare. feeds the kids breakfast,fieldtrips and manicures........she's the best!

Amy K said...

Looks/sounds like your adorable babies are in good hands! A good daycare situation is priceless...we've experienced plenty of ups & downs in this area.
Love Ellie's scowly face! :)
Gabbi, you go girl!!!

Theresa Shirley said...

What??? How in the world did you get Ellie to wear that dress? Usually it's the other way around--Gabbi w/ the dress, Ellie with pants! Too cute! Glad you have found somebody you are comfortable leaving your girls with. Obviously they are pretty happy with it too, since Gabbi girl is walking in on her own :) They are just precious!