Friday, October 29, 2010

Going to cheer on the Rebels!

JinJin has got a little tradition going on. And it might work... til next year and Gabbi Girl catches onto it!
She takes the two "big girls" to the area high school football games.
JinJin has always been a big fan, and now she is taking her grands to the games!
I just give Gabbi Girl a DumDum, and she is happy to stay home with her mama!
It is fun for me to get the girls' outfits all ready!

I asked them to pose for me in their matching Rebel outfits.
And you KNOW Ellie complied!
These are her most FAVORITE jeans too. Just lettin you know, that's all!
Maddi worked it with a prop.
All I can say is that I am glad it isn't ME who is trying to work these two through a busy high school football crowd! It is like a mini vacation to have only one girl at home.
I am really serious. When there is only one of them at home, it is like 80% easier!

Gabbi Girl was not all that OK with their posing on the table without her!

I am just sorry that the season won't last much longer. This little Firday night tradition is prettty helpful!
Thanks, JinJin.


Diana said...

Hi Mo ~
Oh how fun, Jin Jin putting hair spray on their ponytails - have they gotten into the hairspray by themselves yet? Oh just wait......
The three of them all look adorable as usual.
I KNOW what you mean about being down 1 - it does make you gain your sanity back, (just in time for them to come home :)
What sweet memories the girls will have of their Grandma taking them to the football games! Jin Jin is a brave one!
Those jeans on Ellie are as cute as can be - I like them too.
I hope you were able to accomplish something while they were gone - or even rest???
Have a wonderful weekend with your trick or treaters (I can't wait to see what they will be this year)
Diana from Colorado

snekcip said...

We have taken Bree to several of our area HS football games and she LOVES the mascots!! They all boast different animals (Panthers, Bruins, and the Jaguars)! Well let me tell you, she has just about clipped everyone of them!!! She spots it coming up in the bleachers and she catalpults towards it, screaming CUTIE!! Most of the mascot has on a "cheerleader" outfit and bows and she just thinks it is so CUTE!! The poor kid inside the suit doesnt have time to "spot her" before she grabs the poor "thing" around the legs and hugs and kisses it!!!I usually have to UNattach a screaming 3yr old! NOT FUN!!!

She especially loves the JAGUARS since that is DIEGO *off Dora* sidekick!!! She would just be satisified to sit with "it" the whole night! We have tons of pictures w/her "JACK-WAR"!! LOL!! If only I could remove the mascots "head" I know the kid is rolling his/her eyes in the top of her head!!!Oh the fun times!!

tricia said...

Thank God for Jin Jin!! I had to laugh though.....the hairspray can in Jin's hand had me thinking it was some pre-pagent type thing . I laughed hard when I read it was a HS football game. I guess Jin Jin doesn't like the crazy wild hair look.
Ohhh next year Jin better grow another hand to handle 3 at the game!

kimybeee said...

i noticed that sweet earl followed gg to the table, i was waitin for the pic where he crawled up there too!

i love ellie's jeans too. and gg probably won't care that she gets to go, she probably just enjoys the quiet time at home with you and earl. my still appreciate their alone time and they are mean old teens!

Renee said...

Now that's a great maw maw fa sho!

Amosann said...

I absolutely love that they are posing on the table. That makes for some memories for sure...that one day they will do when they are in their Raider outfits and/or cheer outfits! PRECIOUS!!!

Amy K said...

What a wonderful tradition for Jin Jin and her grandgirls!
Maddi's really got the posing thing down now, and she looks like she's enjoying it too. They are all way too cute.
I'm glad you're able to enjoy some "downtime" with only one girly girl at home.
Looking forward to your Halloween post....