Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Moving in the BAH

Welcome to my world! And we can absolutely not wait to move in. So guess what... we are!

However, seeing as how I forgot to have the bars in the closets painted, we then had to take ALL the clothes off the hangers and throw the poles out into the room as a sign of "I surrender" to have the painters forgive me for jumping the gun!

But, seriously, how CUTE is this floor? Girls' bathroom!
And each of them have their own little sink area... Ellie's has white black polka dotted knobs and Gabbi Girl has crystal knobs,....suits their personalities!
This is Gabbi Girl during her photo shoot.
Have you seen their rooms since they got carpet? Paula thinks I hit my head really hard since I chose "whitish" carpet!
No one will be looking down! They will all be looking UP at this pink chandelier!
Ok, so you've seen this a thousand times.
And these are the knobs that my bloggers chose for the drawers in my closet.
And I am a big ol' sucker for glass tile. I LOVE IT! All colors, all shapes, all designs. Just LOVE glass tile!
See? This is how much I love it! This is in our bedroom. I hope to add a glass mantle to the 4" mantle that is already there. ANd that strip on the fireplace, it is for AGAIN, a TV. Last count, 16 spots for TVs in our new house. Do you think my husband has a bit of a TV situation?! We won't HAVE 16 TV's, but we have wiring for that many. Psycho!
Awwww... look at that cute little cottage out my private den window. I can sit, watch Lifetime movies, scrapbook, and watch my girlies playing out in their playhouse.
This child of mine is DESTINED to be in a rock band!
And poor ol' Gabbi Girl. Would someone stop and fix her tire?!
That's all for tonight! Can you believe how scatter brained I am lately? My blog posts are even all over the place. Bear with me. I will live through this phase and be back to my old, normal self. (I HOPE!) Mo


Tammy said...

Oh I'm so happy for ya'll! And very excited to see all your furnishings put up and away! Love the chandalier in the girls rooms, now that is sweet! Be sure and get some rest, you don't want to wind up sick! Hugs from Fort Worth!

Emily said...

I love that chandelier! I also LOVE glass tile, and the fireplace in your room is awesome!

Amy K said...

Oh my goodness...the more I see of the BAH, the more I love it!!!
Such happy memories are going to be made in this new home.
LOL - wiring for 16 TVs!!!
Many blessings....

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ WOW, lots of headbands - Ellie is not kidding!
Your BAH looks just beautiful, everything about it - wonderful.
Is Ellie sleeping in her room now that you are in the BAH? I vote "no" - just sayin' :)
Oh, who cares, I LOVED when my babies came in my room to cuddle - there is not a better feeling in the world! I wish they would still do it.....
Have a wonderful day,
Diana from Colorado

Sandy said...

Mo looks like you have your hands full. If you need any help this weekend just give me a holler. I am free this weekend. Sandy

tricia said...

I'm so happy for you and that BAH. Looking forward to seeing more&more pics!

Kathryn said...

It is really coming together!

snekcip said...

16 TV's, white carpet..and "you're normal"! LOL!!! Hey who can I talk about, I have a rubbermaid tote of "bows" and "barrettes" for Bree! Now that's seriously not normal!!! Love the BAH!!!

stephleighjenkins said...

Love Love Love the BAH!!!! So excited for ya'll!!

Theresa Shirley said...

Loving all the pics!! I know you've gotta be just super excited (besides being worn out!) Do the girlies love it too? I LOVE that pink chandelier! Everything I've seen so far is just super cool, and really shows off your "unique" personality---lol :) Once again, thanks so much for sharing! Much love from Georgia....