Saturday, August 21, 2010

Oh myyyyyy!!

Oh myyyyyy!!!!

I just didn't know what else to say!
We had a "little" girl from down the street come stay the night with us. She is in middle school (Yes, those are Ellie's favorite friends!), and she naturally brought her make up.
Middle of the night, we are trying to go to bed and Ellie pops up and says "Mom, can I go put on Lindsey's make up?"

I think it had been on her mind for a while, but it finally had to come out!
I don't think I was quite expecting this! I really kinda thought Lindsey would help a little, but instead, Lindsey let her just go at it!
She was so incredibly proud 0f herself!
Lord, give me strength! (I think I say that a lot these days!)
Happy weekend.


Susantwilhelm said...

Oh Mel! She is such a mess! She is soooo proud of her look and is workin' her America's Next Top Model fierceness!!!!!!

Amy K said...

Boy oh boy, when that little miss Ellie is a out! Daddy's going to have to stand guard at the door when all them boys come a-knockin'!!!!

Beth E. said...

Shew...I'm just glad she's okay. When I first glanced at the pic, I thought she'd been in some kind of accident! That Ellie is a hoot!

tricia said...

You rock it Ellie Sue! My niece did that one Christmas(Santa left her play makeup) She looked just like Ellie! It was her favorite gift!

snekcip said...

That Ellie is gonna give you gray hair early!! LOL!! Like the old folks use to say "she been here before! Look on the bright side, she could've said "Mom...Dad...I'm gonna take the car for a quick trip to the corner need me to pick you something up?

Wait...that will prob be in the next 2-3yrs!!!

Invest in some Ms're gonna need it touch up that GRAY HAIR!!!