Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nothing as fun as trying on hats!

Nope. Nothing as fun as trying on hats! Sooooo , that is just what we did!
Our daddy has been on the road, so we needed some fun things to keep us preoccupied. Anyone who knows me knows I RUN the roads!
So, after work, Tuesday night, me and the girls loaded up to head out to Target for a little retail therapy!
After all, I just KNEW they'd have some of their cute fall things out. And they did NOT disappoint! Even the CUTE, CUTE, CUTE fall boots were in stock!
Anyone know if tall socks are in style? I bought about 4 pair of them, because, well, I just couldn't resist them! I am thinking they are going to be cool worn sticking out of the top of boots. However, does that mean I will need to wear boots with a short skirt? If so, we may have a problem!
I don't really wear short skirts! However, I LOVE funky socks, and I LOVE boots. Any solutions? ANyone? Anyone?
I love these little newsboy hats, but they must be made for SMALL heads! Too tight!
I ended up getting this sweater-y black hat AND the grey one just like it above. (I already have the brown one and LOVE it!)ANd lest you think we ONLY got hats.....
NOPE! That'd be our haul, hanging there on the front of the buggy!
I LOVES me some Target!!


tricia said...

Where oh where is Gabby amidst all those clothes!!! What a hall!!

Emily said...

Mel-the tall socks ARE in-the teen girls are wearing them all over Memphis! We probably have about 12 pairs since Shelbi has the tall AFO now. I figure you can wear a long shirt or sweater with leggings and the socks could show poking out of the top of your boots or wear them with some denim jeans rolled up so they show and some Converse. Funky and comfy all rolled into one!We only have a week and a half left of radiation and then we are homeward bound-can hardly wait!!!

kimybeee said...

i thought you had done some kind of sorting thing with the kids clothes and decided they didn't need anything??? what happened to that theory lol

you can wear anything you want, people will just think you are artsy-fartsy and eccentric!!!!

Amy K said...

You & your girls really rock the hat thing! I've tried it, but just can't seem to make it look fun like you do.
It cracks me up that my 10 yr. old daughter wants some "Chuckies"...remember how popular they were when we were younger?

SamC said...

I love me some Target too, but, we don't have one here in
Tupelo. :o( So, last Saturday, we just headed right on up to Southaven where they have TWO Targets. I got a cute rolling chair for my craft room for $17!!!

Love the girls in the hats!

Theresa Shirley said...

I like the gray one w/ the brown flower on the side on you. The look on Gabbi's face in the pic with the black hat is funny--it's unusual for her not to be smiling--I think she's trying to look gangsta--hehe.

snekcip said...

My eyes zero'd in on the purple tutu skirt!! I bought one for my granddaughter Wednesday night and was upset I didnt get Bree one. So after work I hightailed it back to Target and ALLLLL the purple were gone!! Only pink and black left! So I got the pink, bought some turquoise tights and found a little shirt w/bling on it! Now you know I had to get the SKETCHER "twinkle toes" shoes to complete the outfit!! Target has their version of the TT shoes, but BEALLS had an awesome sale on them, so we got the REAL DEAL!!

BTW...Love me some hats, but they are usually TOO BIG for my head! I have a tweety bird head...for real!!

Beth E. said...

The hats look great on y'all. I can't stand to wear anything on my head. In the coldest of winters, I've been known to wear a hooded jacket, but that's about all.

I wouldn't know about the socks...I'm older than dirt. I'm not able to keep up with trendy styles anymore! ;-)

P.S. My brother began inpatient physical therapy. Please keep him in your prayers.