Sunday, August 15, 2010

Early in the morning!

I have about decided this is my favorite part of the day!
Early morning. When the girls first get up.
Usually, this entails a tiny voice saying, "mama. Mama." And when I walk over and peek in her crib, it is a smile from ear to ear. She is so happy to see her mama in the morning. The oldest kid is usually still snoozing.
And then my precious little Gabbi Girl latches on to me like a tree monkey! Really. I mean, arms wrapped, legs wrapped, head tucked in on my shoulder. She LOVES her some morning time love!
Ellie generally wanders in when she hears us stirring. And if I am lying, I'm dying... she is in full conversation when she wakes up. Like, for instance, "Mom, I want to swim with Sarah. I have my blue bathing suit and I can wear my tank top. Can I eat a popsicle? Will you take me to town to get a 'flush' (Slush)?" Steady flappin them gums!
But it is those sweet little morning sleepy eyes and expressions that I think I like the most. Just priceless!



Amy K said...

Oh, these sleepy-eyed pictures are so sweet!
"Flush" - that is too funny!
I hope you have had a wonderful weekend with friends & family celebrating your birthday.

tricia said...

I agree that that time in the morning is the best. Gabby is so precious with her love for her mama! Ellie is Miss Independent.

Hallie said...

Lordy, that Gabbi has a beautiful head of hair.....

Melanie Christian said...

Gabbi's hair amazes me! It looks 6 inches longer than it did in last week's pictures! She's got such beautiful hair! I love early morning's with my kiddos, too. They seem to be so much sweeter as the day is just beginning! :)