Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jungle Gym. yesssssss!!

I have made a new discovery. And it could be life changing!!
It's called the Jungle Gym. And both of my girls LOVE it!!
Even my little Gabbi Girl, who normally holds onto my two pants legs with each hand, was running and playing all by her lonesome!
I mean, the kid wouldn't even come to me when I called her. I don't think she has ever been in a jumpy thing! And buddy.... she LOVED it!
This is my Uncle Kenny. He is my dad's only brother! It was his granddaughter's birthday we were there to celebrate!
Did I mention Gabbi LOVED the jumpy thing?
As she and Ellie Sue both played independently, I had visions of me sitting in a chair, drinking a diet coke, and reading a magazine! Oh, the thought!!
This is Brenna. She is my first cousin, Dane's, little girl.
We do a lot of cousin birthdays around here. There were only my dad and his brother, Kenny, so we had me, Staci, and Kenny's three.... AMber, Courtney, and Dane. Now we all have kids between about 8 and 1. 12 babies between the 5 of us.
I had to include this picture, because this is what Ellie usually looked like... a BLUR!
Until, that is, she found the arcade area and realized taht quarters could bring her all kinds of fun!
I basically DRAGGED Gabbi out of the jumpy thing, to show her that there were some other things that I thought she'd equally enjoy.
And yes... I was right!
If it costs a quarter, Ellie wants to ride it!
Hey there, Gabbi... you still in that tubey thing?!
Just like the jumpy thing, the tubey thing also kept her attention for about 30 minutes until I, once again, had to tell her there were other things to try.

Like this!
Gabbi was just as big a fan as Ellie!
And then I saw something I never thought I would...
My little miss titty baby decided she was a big girl and started the great ascent up thte really big rope ladder! With her big sister, Ellie, as her guide. Oh LORD!
At one point, I had to go on the ladder to make sure she would make it to the top. I also, obvoiusly, wanted to be behind her in case she was not successful. To say this ladder hurt my feet would be a huge understatement! I mean, HUGE! I had to call to kids across the room to bring me my flip flops to keep up with my girls!
ANd then once they get to the top, they just need to come down the slide.
Ummm.... hello? gabbi Girl? You up there?!
Theeeeeere you are! Way to go, big girl!
Party time!
Tired of birthday parties yet this week?
I love my GG's pigtails!
Ok, let's have a rehash of the kids in the family, shall we?
First, this is Payson. She is Amber's little girl.
And Courtney's oldest is Keenan. (all those kids have black eyes!)
And AMber's baby, Daxton.
This is Dane's daughter, Chloe. She is the one that, strangely, I think looks like Ellie.
What do you think? Any resemblence? Obvoiusly, no genetic relation.
One more section of the Jungle guym... and maybe my favorite!
This was a smaller scale rope ladder and slide, so I could sit back on my big fat buttocks and not worry too much!
My girls grinned and ran and jumped, and climbed and slid, and rode.... and whew....
It was almost enough to wear me out.
Rest assured, I did not leave without getting ALL of their open hours... even on Friday, Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons! I am going to be coming here much more often!
With a project in hand. "Free" mama time!
Now only if they'd serve margaritas!!


Melissa said...

I had kind of forgotten about this place. Hmmm...I think I will be doing the same thing!
If you EVER need some partners in crime, give me a shout. My oldest is 6 and loves to "help" which means I never have to get up when they go to places like that. :)

Melissa said...

I had kind of forgotten about this place. Hmmm...I think I will be doing the same thing!
If you EVER need some partners in crime, give me a shout. My oldest is 6 and loves to "help" which means I never have to get up when they go to places like that. :)

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ I just love seeing the sisters playing together & having so much fun!! Way to go girls!
The looks on their faces - priceless.
I bet they were all tired out when they were done.
Have a great Wednesday,
Diana from Colorado

Maggie said...

WOW - That looks like so much fun! Why didn't they have a place like this when I was growing up!?

Martha from NC said...

I have eight "grands" and they LOVE having their birthday parties at this place. By the time they leave, they're exhaused. Sometimes their parents get into the jumping, etc.
Glad the girlies had fun, especially little GG!! Didn't you enjoy sitting back, relaxing????
When's the next party?

Kris said...

:-) My daughter-in-law found a place similar to this for our grandkids birthdays and all the cousins can't wait for Tom & Lily's birthdays!
If you find one that serves the mararitas...let me know! :-0

ShEaZeE said...

oh, I love this!!! This brought back so many memories!!! This was my babies favorite place to play and have their birthday parties!! Emma's favorite was the tube too! Thanks for bringing back those memories this morning!!

Becky said...


Patty said...

I love the dress on Brenna! Where did they get it as I'd love to get it for my daughter's first birthday!

Beth E. said...

Yes, Chloe and Ellie do look alike!

The jungle gym is a wonderful find for you...I'd go there as much as possible! lol

Unknown said...

Hey girl!!! Hope u remember me! St. Fred '88...Kelly Crocker Beckham. I am the owner of The Jungle Gym, with my sister, Kim. I am so happy ur girls had so much fun! They are so beautiful!! Saw where u r bringing some of ur kids next week! It makes me smile every time a child smiles & goes one step farther than ever expected! Can't wait to see u & ur kids! I have a 9 & 6 year old that will love to play with all ur kids!

Unknown said...