Sunday, July 4, 2010

BAH update

Have I already shown these pics? It is the wee hours of the night and I am in no mood to look back. Sooooo, if I have, enjoy them again!

This is my Gabbi Girl's room. I think the color is just perfect for her and her sweet little personality.
It will actually be used more like a playroom for now. I hope to have them sleeping together for a while in Ellie's room. This is the play area and the closet is specifically for games, puzzles, etc.

This room is bright and energetic, just like you-know-who!

I think it suits her.

Our bathroom is coming along too. This is Todd's vanity. It is 40" tall. You can't understand how tall that is, likely, but I will tell you.... I can leanforward at it and drink from the faucet like I would a water faucet at an elementary school... except I don't have to bend over at all! It is TALL!

Can you tell mine's shorter?! (the one to the left of the tub)

Again, not sure if I have shared these, but this is the private den off the master bedroom.... for kids who won't sleep, can't sleep, sick, or need rocked. Also for husbands who want to stay up watching tv when wife needs to sleep, or wife who can't sleep and wants to hang out on the computer all hours of the night. Things like that!

The green and tan are in the colors of the glass tile going on the fireplace in the master bedroom.

The other colors in the tile are grey and brown. So... grey it is in the master bedroom.

This is the den, getting farther along by the day. We actually have harwood floors now, but I haven't uploaded pictures of them. soon!

Spiral staircsae in kitchen. So, if you come to an art retreat, pack light! This is the only way up!

I guess you'd call this the formal entrance. It is the front door of the house. And you enter this long foyer. I have to decide what I am going to do with those two niches on each side. Thinking shelves on one side and a family portrait on the other. BUT, I need to have something made that ties both sides together and matches. I really want to do a copper top, with stamping and etching and all that cool stuff I learned for the tops of the tables. Am I insane?!

This is the view from my kitchen looking into my dining room.

Art rooooooooom!!!!

ART ROoooooom supplies!!!!

HECK NO. I would'nt let them throw out that "gold". You can catch me on the next episode of Hoarders! 9:00, 8 central!

This is the "courtyard" area off the garage and enters right into the mudroom. (The room with all the cypress boards on the wall). The doors to the right are the exterior entrance to the art roooooooom!

Busy at work...

Todd's man cave. After wanting it virtually BLACK, would you believe he is now reconsidering it and thinking we may need to lighten it up!?

Our indoor workshop. Where I will soon have a vise and a flexshaft, and a drill press, and ..... all the things I now know how to use!

The WILD coral cabinets in my washroom. Want to know why it is going to all look great?!

Because of THESE!!!

I cannot wait to get these puppies installed on the counter top!

I love this color combination. NOt sure why... but LOVE It!

And finally, this is the granite we chose for our bathroom countertops. Zoom in and you can see the multicolored tile we will have on our fireplace and on the front of my tub. Todd will have a strip of the greenish color in his shower.

And that's all for today, folks.



Amy K said...

OK Mo, it is absolutely gorgeous!! I LOVE all the colors, that beautiful arched doorway, the spiral staircase, the loft, etc. I guess I just love the whole house!!
Thanks for sharing these everyone getting excited to move in?
Happy 4th of July!

blessedmomof3 said...

Love It! The colors are amazing! Love the colors in the art room, the laundry room, and the girls' rooms! Heck, I guess I love them all! I know what you mean about the Counter Culture colors, there is just something about them. I know.y'all can't wait til move in day! Have a great 4th! Can't wait to see pictures!! - Leigh Ann

Kathryn said...

I still think the best thing about the BAH is that terrific tile for the wash room. I love it! I need it.

Renee said...

Wow, BAH is looking good girl! Can't wait to see pics of the finished product.

tricia said...

So enjoyed the pictures! I like that you aren't afraid of color. The fireplace looks great. The girls bedroom colors reflect their personalities to a "T". One bold&the other calming.Can't wait to see more pics!

Becky said...

Love, Love, LOVIN' the BAH!!! I am so jealous! Can I come visit?

~Mrs.Hodge~ said...

BAH is right girl!!! It's going to be GORGEOUS and looks huge! I can't wait to see it all come together. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the washroom tiles!!!

Emily said...

The house is looking great! I love your color choices, and I LOVE the washroom tiles!

Marlo said...

Love the BAH. Can you PLEASE tell me the name of the color you used for Ellie's room? I am color blind and having a terrible time choosing a green I like.