Wednesday, June 2, 2010

YAY!!! Baby pool!

Well, they are here. The sweet family.
My kids... the ultimate dichotomy!
One is happy to stay in her sweet little monogrammed ricrac trimmed dress. White buckle sandals and a big ol' bow...
The other jumped right on into her swanky coral colored two piece!

Not long thereafter, right on into these goggles!
Which, by the way, did not come off the entire time she swam. Nor did they actually go on her eyes. But, my girl knows her style. And I try not to intervene too much!
This is Mary Allison with two HU-rage silver sequined flowers in her hair. I suppose she knows her style too! (??)
Then, there is my little angel baby.
Just a simple ponytail, thank you very much!

ANd what a cute high ponytail it was!
She is a waterbug! She does not want to get out of the water!
And this one is floating in a float in one foot of water! It is up to, like, her knees!
This one preferred the big pool, by a mile! She even seems to prefer that I carry her on her belly and is making swimming motions with her arms. It seems to be a little instinctive with her.
Since I have been down here, Jin inquired about swimming lessons and we were told that Ellie can start this summer, but Gabbi Girl is still too young. So, when we get back home... Ellie starts swimming!
That's good, because all this confidence and swagger.....

And all this caution and reserve at water's edge...
Also FALSE!!
Do you remember "Tricks" Ellie entertained us with last year? Well, she is back at em.Ok, so sometimes I have to warn you because I don't want you to be all cuted out. This is such a time!
Mary Allison took E to the room for a minute and left G with me. She saw me writing in my book and wanted my pen. She actually also wanted me book, but I took the cover off of it to let her go to town.
This baby has an unusually strong love of writing/ drawing. YAYAYYAYY!! ! I am hoping for an artist kid.
She is not even two, yet can take that pen and stay preoccupied for about 20 minutes or so. She intends to fill every little white space.
I could nibble those little fingers til they bleed. Just sayin'. They are some sweet little fingers!
I think I have mentioned, (but then again, how in the world would I ever remember what I had and had not mentioned!?), I intend to put some of my favorite little things in shadow boxes with pics of the girls in their new rooms. For instance, Ellie's teeny tiny bikini, and a picture of her rolling over for the first time in it!
Well, this book cover may make the cut. And it has some STIFF competition!
And then, how will I decide on which picture? they are all so sweet.

But I love the markings of Gabbi at "almost two". And I love how it now has little water marks all over it too from being at the beach. Good memory!
Yep. I really loved watching Gabbi Girl write or "draw"!!
OK, let's move along!
The girls always have to make a stop at the swings....
and in true Ellie form, she had to "Fix" her sister's straps.
No matter how hard Gabbi fought to get away, her sister was determined to get them right.
Gabi is so lucky to have a big sister who is Allllllllways around to get her situated!
More beachiness tomorrow!


Dawn said...

I just love how God blessed you with two very different girls, but both seem to fit you and Todd. Thank you for sharing the stories and pics. Oh, Gabbi's lips are beautiful. She is just a baby doll. Enjoy the beach!

Michele said...

LOVE this post. So sweet and precious!

tricia said...

Making memories at the beach! I hope you all have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Precious LSU swimsuit on Gabbi girl!!!! Love that Ellie had to fix her little sister's swimsuit word, PRECIOUS!!!!

Molly said...

Love this, Mo. So neat that GG is so into writing and drawing. That pic of her little hand with the pen? So, so sweet. I love that her tiny little thumb is wrinkly from the pool, too. =) The ones of Ellie fixing Gabbi's straps just about made me cry- just precious.

MLP said...

Keep the beachiness coming!!!!!!!!!! I love love love the style of all three girls in this post!

Kathryn said...

Gabbi is certainly old enough for Mom and Me lessons at the Y, Melanie. Our children all started swimming at about Gabbi's age. Check into it!

Hannah Kate's mom said...

Oh how precious your girls are!!! My 17 month old is LOVING to draw right now also...I can give her a pen or crayon and she too will stay occupied for 20-30 minutes. I want her to stay like this forever! Love the beach updates!!!

Hannah Kate's mom said...
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Amy K said...

Absolutely precious! Yay for swimming lessons. The pictures of Gabbi writing are wonderful, especially that great big grin to the camera! Of course, Ellie posing with the goggles on her forehead cracked me up!
Gotta love summer and the great photo ops!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~
Thanks for a great update! Ellie in her bikini with those ruffles - precious. Gabbi girl in that wonderful dress - adorable.
Too funny about Ellie wearing those goggles - right or wrong, she has them on....
I was laughing about Ellie fixing Gabbi's straps - she KNOWS how they belong! That girl is quite a trip! Just so much fun.
Enjoy your time at the beach (are you near the oil spill??)
Diana from Colorado

Beverly said...

Love the LSU bathing suit, love the pics of Gabbi 'drawing', love how Ellie takes care of her sister, love how Ellie now has her hands on her hip, love, love, love your girls. Gabbi is such a beautiful little girl. You are truly blessed with those two! Thanks for the smiles!

Unknown said...

I'm digging those silver flowers ....can we know the where-a-bouts in which those came from??

Sweet sweet girls!

Bella's mommy said...

Love the pics of GG doubt she is captioning under the photos in the next mini book!!! We were just talking this past weekend about Bella needing swimming lessons. I'm thinking that she will take lessons from one of the dive shops! Too hot here in Louisiana to sit outside for an hour for lessons and Mom not get in the pool! They have indoor pools! kinda shop! Have fun beachin'!

Liloia Family said...

Gabbi is really catching up to Ellie in height...Wow! I have two kids that are swimmers, my daughter (17) is a lifeguard and swimmer on her HS Swim Team, my son(7) swims on our summer pool swim team. It sounds to me like Gabbi will be a Swimmer too! It's a great sport! Enjoy your trip to the beach!

Kenzie Holley said...

Cute pics! Gabbi is just so darn cute! DYING to see those girls again!!!