Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Silent Auction and a few last minute details

Ok, I told you I would show you a few of the goodies we made last minute to add to Jake's Store. I had a bunch of fabric and thought we should make some funky cuffs for everyone to wear for the big par-tay!
Sommmmmeone was not expecting to be in a bunch of pictures today! Can you say, "FIX your hair, MO"?

Ok, so these are a couple of samples of the cuffs. I used ripped fabric, toulle, little pearls, and ribbon.
Oh yeah, and buttons. And a hot glue gun!
This is the little cuff I made for MIss Anna Claire. She was my model throughout the day to stir up some interest!
Within minutes, we had sucked in her mom, Jennifer.
She picked this one first, with ric rac as the leaves. SO cute. But then, she was told that her shirt would not match the hot pink trim, and decided to go with one with red later.
I guess I finally got a clear picture of Jenn and her bracelets. Cute, huh?
Anna Lea also bought a cuff to wear later that night.
I loved the buttons! I started adding more of them as we went along.
and I am ALWAYS a huge fan of gingham!!
Sarah needed some big time embellishments! Little fringy thread coming out of the buttons, ricrac, embroidery floss sewn into the fabric. I mean, seriously, how dang cute are these?!
Lindsey sat down to show us her kind of flower. It was puffy and stood up off the cuff. really cute!
Jordan was my apprentice for the night and ended up making about 10 of the cuffs all by herself!
Oh Lord, WHO are these no-gooders? Drinking maitais, at that!
My friend, Lisa, made these wooden cuffs and donated them to be sold at the store. I think every single one sold.
We tied them on this wire mannequin with torn fabric and it was so cute!
I think it may have been the cutest Store yet!
We sold the "event" shirt which was very popular this year!
I have to think that they are still available at I don't know that, but I am sure if you contact them, Don will make sure you get one.

There are still leather arm bands too! They all say, "believe".
These black bags are shoe bags. They were given out at the golf tournament. If you need a shoe bag, I suppose contact the foundation and tell them so!
And, wellll, I can't promise these! Staci ended up throwing these out by the handfuls from the stage at the end of the night.
This is the silent auction prior to the action starting!
I thought I would share some of the goodies that were auctioned as groups.
This one is obvoiusly for the Saints fan. Including a Drew Brees autographed photo.
This package included a photo shoot with a local photographer.
This package brought in a big bunch of cashola. The bags ROCK, and I am pretty sure that this lake house was a real pull!
THis package included LSU football tickets. But that was not the REAL draw!
THIS is what they wanted! Paula's painting!!
Welllllll, let's say Mel and Paula's painting. She had never painted before, and I had lots to do, so I asked her to help me with the backgrounds on several canvases. Then, I coached her through a few more stages. She did the bulk of the work, with me just adding a little "depth" to the colors highlighting, and adding the "LSU".
Whatcha think? I think she is ready for some art retreats, myself!

DId you know that Ben Sheets is from right here in North Louisiana? He is quite the local celebrity!
For the girlies, there were all kinds of facial products, with purses, polishes, and such.
Every single thing in our auction was dedicated by local stores, artists, etc. I actually ended up with this package! I HAD to have taht pink chandelier for Gabbi Girl's new bedroom! And I LOVE this frame by my friend, Sarah! I also lucked up to get a photo shoot from another friend, Emily! wooo hoooo.
You may notice the rainbow canvas. When I saw the rainbow caterpillar, I knew this canvas had to hang out in this grouping.
Diane is an artist who I met years ago in Canton, TX, and told all about Jake. She has contributed a canvas every year since! She is such a dedicated donor!, I think!
Lindsey and I put our heads together to make a really cute package. I made the headband with my new favorite fabric flowers.
Lindsey made the cute tutu, and I added a canvas to make it a fuller package.

And then, another one of my friends, and actually a kid from my clinic's mom, Diane, made this SUPER cute dumptruck painting. Do I have some talented friends or WHAT?! That pink square just says she will personalize the canvas and gives her phone number.
Remember this canvas? I loved it. But I'd love to help a kid with cancer more, so donation it was! Hope it brought a good price.
Actually, earlier in the day I had visited, and the silent auction girls pointed out packages that needed a little extra "something".
That is when I went home with Paula, the artist, to paint a few fillers for the auction.
SOmeone actually donated a pair of Uggs. DUDE!I bid, bidded?, on this package because I really wanted this purse.
So, now you know... this is just a little glimpse of some of the awesomeness of the auction! Something for everyone!
And that is that!
I still owe you a blog on the Teed Off at Cancer Golf Tournament, the JOR telethon, and my recent trip to Wisconsin for an unbelievable art retreat! It ROCKED!!


snekcip said...

Wow!! That indeed was some AWESOME items!!! Caught myself verbally bidding on the items!! LOL!!! Thank you so much Mo for giving us here in blogland a virtual trip to the SHAKE FOR JAKE fundraiser. I pray that one day I will be able to make it their in person! Until that day...keep it (((shaking)))) because you guys are making a difference in so many of this kids lives!

Amy K said...

WOWZER - those are some incredible auction items.
I thank God that there are wonderful organizations (with amazing volunteers and donors) such as JOR out there making a difference.

tricia said...

Wow so much work goes into this event! I'm sure many hands make light work.Such love.

Renee said...

Wow, that's great packages. It sounds like Shake for Jake was a hugh succes.

Lisa said...

I am just in awe of all you do! I sew and machine embroider and would love to donate something for your next fundraiser. My niece and daughter have enough dresses to last the rest of their lifetime and I still have stuff that I just HAVE to create! My email address is If you are interested, drop me a note. I am a Bama girl like Lindsey so we will have to coordinate by mail!

Kim said...

Simply amazing!! One year it is going to work out that I can make it down...and hopefully that will be sooner than later!

Amosann said...

Sad I didn't see my Scharf Scarfs but they were there!!!