Wednesday, June 16, 2010

la dee da... Going to Staci's condo for breakfast.

Condo living... ahhhh, the life!
If we dont' have anything for breakfast, we just wander right on down to Staci or Veronicia's condo and see what they have.
Except that we have to be quiet (HA) for the boys who sleep on the couch and don't get up til after noon!
By the way, this is a boom being dragged out into the gulf. There wasn't really any oil to speak of at that time, but we supposed they were maybe chekding the quality of the water or preventing or something?!
Have you ever seen anything cuter?
This one decides she needs to wear Gabbi's skirt. She is all about her younger sister's clothes.
Her favorite pair of plaid shorts, presently, are size 18 months. (She'll be three in less than a month). Am I raising a hoochie mama?
"Waaaah, MOM, don't call my sister a hoochie mama!"

Veronicia, Maddi's second mama.
And we finally roused the boys and encouraged them to move to a bedroom.
That was Justin Bieber. He came to stay with us one night. We made him sleep on the couch.
I could not believe Staci was letting them go at this cereal WITH MILK all by themselves.
Since I own one, I shouldn't even say this, but "hey, it's a rental!" .
Glad we were exploring cereal with milk at THEIR place.
You'd think my kids had never eaten breakfast. I mean, didn't I give them popsicles? ANd sometimes, a DumDum sucker? What about those peanut butter M&M's. (NO hate mail, please!)
These three just crack me up. They have such different personalities. If you want to know them... here is how I see it...
Maddi: Kinda titty baby, smart, does NOT like anyone to share her things. Screams and whines when someone has her things... mainly because....
Ellie: Kinda bullyish. Snatches things that are in other people's hands, just because she can, smart, hilarious, prissy. Willing to share most anything. oH, and thinks she is everyone's teenage babysitter/ mama!
Gabbi: precious, angelic, sweet, MAMA's girl !, and whiney butt when she can't be on mama's hip.
That about sums it up. There is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS drama with those three together!



Beth E. said...

Even breakfast is fun around your family! I usually eat cereal for breakfast...I'd fit right in, huh? lol

Cute, cute, cute baby girls....all three of them!

P.S. Tell Justin I said hello! ;-)

jneman said...

So much fun! Got the video tutorial in the mail for the silk necklace - I am go excited to get the kit in the mail!

Amy K said...

Oh, those 3 are too funny and too cute!
I'm so glad you share them with us...

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ I'm with you about the cereal & milk........I would have been shaking. It's good that Aunt Staci is more laid back (I wish I could be)
Beautiful pictures of all the kiddos.
You should be getting ready to move into the BAH - right? I have been thinking about that.
Have a wonderful Wednesday, Diana from Colorado