Saturday, May 22, 2010

New shades!

It is finally here... .beach week!

To prepare for this week, Mary Allison and I got all the shades I recently bought for the girls and started trying them on...
MA liked the yellow polka dots.

I liked the pink hearts!

And then, we FORCED the girls to participate.
Ellie wasn't even wanting to try on accessories. At first. She warmed up to it. I think she was being uncooperative SIMPLY because she knew I wanted her to try them on.
I think these little tortoise shell beauties are my faves! Don' they look so growny?
Gabbi looks sooooo Jackie-O!
Eva, dawling, have you made the martinis?
Just kidding. Gabbi doesn't drink martinis.

I don't know, I am kinda loving these blue ones too! Especially since we have bathing suits to match.

Here we go with the uncooperative thing again!
And have I also mentioned that Ellie ONLY wants to wear pants and muscle shirts lately? WHAT is up with that? !
I already have the girls packed. We will be beach bound soon. And because I missed so many days without a post (I have been SWAMPED... sun up to sun down), I will post again tomorrow with the three Q's for the 52 Q's. Sorry. I am not doing very well with that project. My NEST leaves a lot to be desired too!

Happy Sunday!


And one more...


Debbie said...

I love Ellie Sue's pout...LOL.. Too cute.. Gabbi girl is getting so grown up looking. They are both adorable! Have great times at the beach. I haven't seen the beach in 13years and I miss it so much!!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

tricia said...

movie stars that's what all of you are! have a great vacation!

Amy K said...

Pretty ladies rockin' the shades!! What a fun post. I hope you all have an awesome time at the beach...I trust you'll be updating us from there! ;) It'll be fun to see how much your girls have changed since last year's trip.

Amy said...

I just love looking at pictures of your girls, they are always so cute!! I hope you have a great vacation!

Carrie said...

Lovin' all of the different shades! The girls look so darn cute in those oversized glasses. Hope you guys have fun in the sun. Can't wait to see all of your pictures.

connie said...

ohh i love the pics of the sun glassess have fun at the beach iam going there in 2 weeks for 3 days of fun. take lots of pics too please and post them thanks i cant wait to see your adventures at the beach. ellie and gabbi looked so cute in the sunglasses and so do you oh when are u going to do the jewlery kit?? i cant wait to get one or two? well have fun at the beach hugs

Rhonda said...

Yellow polka dots are my favorite!! I am so jealous ya'll are headed to the beach!!! We have our annual 10 day Destin trip planned for July and sure hope the oil spill doesn't spoil our beautiful beaches! I swear, those girls are so precious - I'm not a bit surprised that Ellie was being uncooperative, with that little spitfire personality of hers!! Just wait till she is a teenager!!! Have fun at the beach!

MLP said...

I am a SUNGLASS LOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh girls.........what a COOL mommy to buy you so many pairs!!!!!!!!! I also love handbags and recently watches. Just sharin'.

Have a BLAST on your trip! Can't wait to see pics and more pics!!!!!!!!!!!!