Sunday, May 30, 2010

MMPT annual Girls' Beach trip!

Get in. Sit down. Buckle UP. Hold on. We are going on a road trip!
Ashley tends to always find herself in the driver's seat for a good portion of the trip. We just LOVE our Ashley. Ashley has been a speech pathologist in my clinic for about 5 or so years. Sweetest girl you could ever want to know.

And this is Kristi, Beth, and Lindsey. They were the backseat passengers in my ride on the way down. I am liking Kristi's tee shirt. How bout you?!

The thing about 16 girls travelling together is that we can stretch a 7 hour trip EASILY into an 8 hour one! Teetee breaks are very commonplace! This is Angela, Renee, and Melissa. The two on the right are in the main office in the West Monroe clinic. Renee is usually the one who patients talk to very first. She does intake and verifies insurance. Melissa is our receptionist in the window in peds clinic and also handles a LOT of our accounts in general. Angela is a Physical Therapist Assistant and works only adult patients, preferring ortho to neuro.

Just a thought a little introduction may be in order.

Ok, let's see... who's new in this picture? Far right, you can see Jenn who is our clinic director and PT in the Shreveport clinic. Auddi, front and sprawling, is the speech pathologist in same said clinic.

Here we have Ramsay (COTA), from the Ruston clinic, and Jessi, her partner in crime. Maybe you've heard of Jessi?!
Why, oh why, do girls feel the need to take a picture at every single stop? See Jamette in the green on the left, rabbit earring me. (We are having a meeting when we get back! Ha). She is our PT tech in the Monroe clinic, and will very soon be a certified Massage Therapist. She is super kind to work on me when I can just take no more. I am LOVING having her skills handy!
On the way down, Lindsey and I decided to go retro and hang out the windows to get a little trucker action.
And coming through for us, the truckers would pull that horn every time!!
Our tradition is to roll into town and divide up the groceries among all the members of each room. This was my crew. Dang, Lindsey, that cantaloupe heavy?!
Dang, Lindsey, that beer can heavy?!
This is Renee. I think this is about the 7th year in a row she has made the trip. And believe me when I tell you Renee keeps it exciting! I just cannot wait to see what she packs to wear out at night. Think 6" heels, jumpsuits, and so much bling, we have to look away if she is standing in direct light! We love her always amusing style!
The first day, the gulf was really calm. That is the MMPT crew out there frolicking!
And we were so excited that Miss Donna decided, last minute, to make the trip with us. She handles a good bit of our insurance billing and follow through, and rivals Ashley for the top prize of Sweetness Award!
It is always fun to discover unrealized talents in the members of the staff. Lindsey is a budding make up artist, and I think has more make-up than I have ever seen one human have. All MAC, too!
Lindsey, Renee, and Melissa, ready for the first night on the town.
This is about half the group. We had 16 in all on this trip.
Jessi and Ramsay again. Backseat. Ready for some shkrimp!
And you gotta remember this place... only my favorite spot to "Hangout"!
Why, hello there, Jamette!
Have I mentioned the good looking clause I have in my hiring credentials? I mean, really... I have a pretty dang good looking group of employees!
I'd say this is the more "tame" table. ( I was at the other one!)
WHEN I wasnt' on the dance floor!
Cha Cha slide, baby!
Only for the brave!

And then it happened.... Ashley got drenched with her glass of water!
Seriously, DRENCHED!

But being our sweet little Ashley, she just went to the blow dryer deal in the bathroom, and took care of the situation. She came back with a smile!
This magician guy comes around every year. He is truly amazing!
And I end with a few things that I found funny at the gift shop at the Hangout.
My personal favorite:
ANd this is a shout out to my husband, who likes to stay on my case about doing ANYTHING in the car besides, "10 and 2" on the steering wheel.
Ha. Classic.
And finally.... look away if you are easily offended. It has the "a" word.
But, man oh man, how PERFECT for my hiney going into a bathing suit this week!
Just a question that needed to be asked!!
And hey, WENDY, you are the big winner! Send me your addy information and I will get you out a goody! send to
You can thank, Jenn, in the above pictures for choosing your number when asked to pick a number between 1-52!


Kathryn said...

What fun! Enjoy your time. Bless you for all you all do.

tricia said...

Enjoy the trip!

Amy K said...

How fun! What a wonderful thing you do for/with your employees. The gift shop photos cracked me up!

Dawn said...

You are a great boss and I am sure the ladies enjoy working for you and spending time at the beach! Have fun!

Rhonda said...

We are two peas in a pod - I have that VERY same lavender ruffle skirt!!! Target?!? You do work with some gorgeous girls....not sure if I would like that!! haha!!! Looks like a GREAT time is being had by all!

MLP said...

SOOOOOOOO fun! Hope there is more to come!!!

Becky said...

I need that bumper sticker for my sister! (the honking one, NOT the fat A**!) LOL!!! Looks like you girls are having a blast! I'm jealous! My employer doesn't take us on trips like that! Let me know when the condo is for rent! We'd love to stay there and see the awesome pics of Jake! Have a fun trip!