Monday, May 24, 2010

Child labor vs. a learning opportunity

I am working hard to get the art room packed up before I leave for the beach later this week.
And as is usually the case, I have a couple of "helpers". So, I decided to make it a "learning opportunity"! We used the paints I was sifting through to match colors.
It was a brave move on my part. There were many tops that were removed and paint was on hands, counters, etc.
I would ask her, "Ellie, where is the 'red family'?". I would give her an A for effort, but not an A for matching. YET!

This is the first batch of paint, inks, sprays, etc to make the pack pile!
Gabbi's learning opportunity came in the form of "out" and "in". I asked her to help me by putitng the stamps in the box.
Again... A for effort ONLY!
Hey Rachel. See that shape in the background? That is your oak tree! See? I am telling the truth.
And we ended it with a big, fat, "gimme five"!
Welllll, kinda!


Bella's mommy said...

uh oh. now would that be ellie w-sitting like bella?? or is it just 1/2 of a w? have fun at the beach!

tricia said...

they'll get there but you'll lose them again during the teen years.

Jennifer Taylor said...

that is the best kind of help a momma could get!

connie said...

looks like they are enjoying helping you with the paints even though ellie got some on her hands and on the counter atleast it can be washed off. gabbi looke like she was enjoying putting the stamps in the box she was trying so as you said you gave them a's for trying to do it. have fun at the beach when yall go enjoy the beach me my sister and mom and her daughters are going next week on thursday and coming back on sunday. i cant wait iam so excited im taking my beading stuff with me and what i have made already maybe i can sell some while there. i sure can try right?? well have fun on your vacation at the beach
hugs and love ya

Kelly said...

So so so cute! Great job to you mom for finding a teachable moment!! I need to be better about that!

Amy K said...

I applaud you for incorporating the teaching moment. In my rush to check things off my to-do list I tend to forget things like this - thanks for the awesome mommy reminder!

Shannon said...

Love GG's Hangout shirt. Love that place.

Amy K said...

Awww, lovin' the new photo banner at the top of your blog!

kris said...

Love the new pic.

Debbie Dankelson said...

I absolutely ADORE the new header. The girls are simply precious. What a beautiful picture!