Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Shreveport Clinic

Didn't I mention that last year, in the biggest recession in my lifetime, I decided it was time to open two new clinics. This, in itself, was unprecedented in the 15 year history of my company!
And want to know why I thought it would be a good idea?! Because of these people....
This is the staff of my Shreveport clinic. I trust them with my reputation, and that is really saying a lot! Because... as you know, the name of my clinic is "Melanie Massey Physical Therapy" and they are an hour and a half away, so I certainly can't be there to supervise them regularly.

This is a group that I had to KNOW in the depths of my soul would be able to carry out the mission of my company... "to joyfully use our gifts to brighten the lives of others."

and so far.... so good!!

Baldy, here...
is Ron. Ron drove an hour and a half (one way) daily for the past three years to work in our West Monroe office. This boy was ded-i-ca-ted! He KNOWS what we expect of our therapists and how we liek to treat our patients and their families. And I knew that I wanted him to continue to be part of our Shreveport MMPT family!

Karl, in the blue, is my regional clinical director and shares the burden of "everything else" with me. He is truly, truly a God send! I am so thankful to have him in my company and as my partner in this whole endeavor!

This is Jamie. Jamie has been a part of MMPT since before she was even a therapist. She worked for my company as an OT tech, and liked it so much she decided to go to OT school down in Florida. Recently, she made the decision to move back to Florida, as she feels this is where she is meant to be. We will miss her.
This would be me. With an azalea that was blooming downstairs at our office. I LOVE fresh flowers.... especially in my hair.
And speaking of hair... look at Elvis's hair/ sideburns sitting back there behind me.
Did I say I had complete confidence in this crew?!
Oh man! Jenn, in the turquoise, is the clinic director in Shreveport clinic, and is proving herself to be very worthy as a leader.

Cheryl, in the hot pink, runs the office there. She is one of those rare breed, one of a kind fruitcakes who is just so much fun to be around. This whole crew is just a perfect combination!
Just wanted to introduce you to some of the rest of my staff. If in Shreveport... come visit us... in Buckner Square. Especially if you need PT, OT, or ST!!



Nana's Joy said...

Looks like you do have the right staff. I was just telling my daughter in law today I wished we liked near you.
Our almost 6 yr old is a terrible eater. He's a heart baby and they aren't good eaters anyway. We try everything to get him to eat. He eats but not a big verity and not always the healthiest. Seems to rally like salty stuff and milk. Next step seems to be an appointment for speech therapy. Any other suggestion.

tricia said...

trust is a big deal. I'm glad that you found such dedicated people to serve those in need. Way to Go Staff!!

Colorado Marj said...

Melanie... this is Marjorie McGowen (Jacob McGowen's mom). Just wanted to say thank you for all your work with Jacob 9 or 10 years ago. He is doing really well. He is a sophomore in college here in Steamboat and was just voted by his teachers as the College Student of the Month this month. You would be proud. He speaks of you with love and respect and, as a family, we thank you for having more clinics to help families like ours!!!

Nana's Joy said...
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Amy K said...

What a blessing to have such a trustworthy (and fun) staff. Whenever you've blogged about any of your clinic staff, they look like a wonderful bunch. Certainly your patients and families get top notch care, and it's so refreshing to see how you pride your business on that! Congrats on your continued success!

snekcip said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful staff, because they TRULY have a wonderful BOSS!!!

Erin said...

i think i recognized the little place you were in...in the first few pics! Strawn's? that place has the best strawberry pie! it is so awesome to have a staff you can trust. trust is a very big thing!

Lori said...

I am so glad that Ron is not making that drive anymore, but Seph and I sure miss him!!!! Even if he IS a bama fan...he is still a good guy!!!

kate523 said...

Hey Mo! Love meeting your staff. I think I missed my calling. Since I started taking PT myself for a sore shoulder, I wish I would have looked into being a PT more when I was deciding on what to do with my life. I like my job now, but, I can see why you love doing what you do. Too bad you don't have an office in MI.