Friday, March 5, 2010

More V Day goodies Ellie Style

Although I posted about 9,000 pictures of the girls at Valentine's Day. I don't believe I posted any from when we opened the box from DeeDee and Granddad. Ellie checked out her "bideo" and read it aloud as if she was dead sure that she could actually read!
And then, THIS FACE! HA
She was just ranting and raving about getting this movie. Is that a classic face or what?

Ahhhh, and then came the glip gloss.
"Ummm hmmm... it's roll on. And ummm hmmm... it's strawberry. And ummm hmm...yes, I approve!"
A little taste test.
And even though I am highlighting E Sue this week, how in the world could I possibly leave this picture out?! How precious is this little bright eyed baby?
Ellie was very appreciative of the glip gloss. I hid the box (as she got so much of it from so many people!) Tuesday night this week, Ellie remembered that box and started asking me to "Pleeeease get my box of make-up, Mom. " And so I did. I was reminded of these pics and went back to find them.


MLP said...

Your precious girls bring such a smile to my face! ADORABLE!!!

tricia said...

A girls has to have her gloss. Lip Gloss junkie!

Debbie said...

What a sweet face. I too get a smile each time I come to your blog. Your girl's are precious. Ellie Sue has such a personality. It cracks me up!!! Thanks for sharing them with us.

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Amy K said...

All I can say is...aawwwww!

Carrie said...

Ellie is such a Girly Girl!!! Cracks me up that she is so into make-up and jewelry. Oh, and I have been meaning to say YOU ARE LOOKING AWESOME!!! You looked so dang skinny in your V-day skirt. And loving your longer hair too! If your girls keep up their girly ways some day they are gonna be smokin' hot like there Mama is :) Way to go Mel!

Dawn said...

Melanie, I have a friend that is addicted to her lip gloss. She has to put some on every half hour. It's crazy and we always pick on her about it. Maybe there is a 12 step program for the lip gloss junkies! :)

Kim said...

I just love coming to Mo'Joy to get Mo'Smiles!! Thank you for sharing your ever so precious girlie girl's with us!!

Rohrbachs said...

So cute !!! Have not left a comment in a while! But I check often. It is so neat to see you so relaxed with your girls. I needtolearn to just let my daughter just play with lipgloss and not worry so much as I do.

Unknown said...

Love the face when she saw the video!

vanessadiephotography said...

Too precious. I love to see little girls playing in makeup.