Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gabbi ponytail & Ellie chapstick and Q52, #12.

Sorry about the choppy, all over the place week of blogging. I have that whole computer issue still going on, and am at the mercy of others to upload my pics. Then, add that everything in Louisiana is in full bloom, so Mel's sinuses are rebelling, and well, I just haven't felt very well at all this week. Oh, that and Daddy has been out of town, so I have been tending to two toddlers alone.

Ok, I'm done! All my excuses and complaining is over! Sometimes you just gotta get it out, (ain't that right, Sheridan? I think of people like you when I am being a tit! My problems really aren't problems at all! )

So, let's turn it around... CHeck out my big girl in her big girl ponytail!
When I pull her hair back, I think she looks so much older. Her poor little hair growth pattern is strange to say the least. I need to get a picture of it, as a matter of fact. She has two majorly big crowns in the back that both swirl inward so that all her hair grows straight forward and toward the middle. I have been trying to keep a barrette in it to "train" it to the side or at very least keep it from perpetually annoying her.
Here. You can kinda see how all that hair is going forward, except the ponytail helps a lot! Can you tell how the hair has to kinda hump up to go backwards? That is because we are fighting against the grain!
And here is Miss Thang at the table, unable to finish her lunch because I suppose her lips are just so dang chapped! I know that must be an annoyance to her too!

This is the afternoon she plowed through two entire tubes of glip gloss during one meal!

See she thinks that she has to dig every bit of the gloss out with her fingers or she isn't done.
And then, my favorite part of the procedure is to watch her loudly smack those lips together.... you know... to get her lips on evenly!
By the way, Todd and I aren't even that big of wine drinkers, but I think I have told the story before about how we both signed up for a wine club, unknowingly, that sent us two bottles a month, (x2, so FOUR) for about a year. We both just thought it was a very generous wine club. So, now we have a big collection! I always have people over who want wine, and since I don't know how to choose wine (despite my year membership TO a wine club), we always have something for people to choose from when they are over. Thought I had bess clear that up since there are like 30 bottles in the background.

My guess is they will still be there the next time I take kitchen table pictures.

Question #12 from last week!!
What is your favorite thing about living where you live? ( this could mean your hometown, your physical house, or your neighborhood, as in the case of Mindy!!)

As for this week: Question #13:
Nah, I will wait til mid week. Sorry, Amy. And by the way, do you have a particular favorite definition of "restoration"? I was going to add one to your canvas , then thought you may have a favorite. Holla if so.

Have a happy SUnday.



Amy K said...

Yea, you're back! And, a question of the week...sorry to have asked for it, since you've had quite a week!
GG's really rocking the pony, and that cracks me up about Ellie's 2 tubes of glip gloss!
Your girls are just too precious.
I'll email you about the word/definition.

Liloia Family said...

The best thing about living where I live (Mantua, New Jersey) is that we are so close to the ocean, only a one hour drive and we are at the BEAUTIFUL Jersey shore!! You really should visit sometime, some of the prettiest beaches I've ever seen and I've lived here my whole life.

Love Gabbi's ponytail, adorable!

MLP said...

Thanks for the shout out to my hood, MO!!!

Hope you get to feeling better asap.

DARLING pics of your girls. I love their spunk and their sweetness. It shines through their pictures!!!