Monday, March 8, 2010

Gabbi loves feeling like a big girl.

You know we have a whole lot more of Miss Gabbi Girl. After all, she deserves her own week too!

Her week/ pictures should highlight just how DIFFERENT my girlies are. Gabbi is my snuggle bug. She is the one who just dives onto my shoulder and buries her head when she first gets up.
She does the same when I get home from work. And for the most part, until she has had enough "mom", she won't go to another soul. She is my big, big mama's girl!
Apparently, she has similar feelings for Elmo!
She is also going through a big kissing phase, which I just love. SHe blows kisses with her lips, with her hand to mouth, has recently learned "Eskimo" kisses with her nose to mine, and is finally puckering to kiss on the mouth.
I am lovin' my Lovin' baby!
This is one of those, just got home from work moments....
Maddi was over visiting and Gabbi loves to watch the two big girls play.
Remember the days when Ellie had on a little smocked dress ALL the TIME?! Well, even though I think dresses suit Gabbi more than Ellie, we hardly ever put her in them? Why is that?! I just do not know! She did wear one on this day, though, and how cute is she? So dainty and girly! Just like Miss Lou!

Again... trying to get on Ellie's shoes.
The two crazies were running in a circle around and around Gabbi in her Elmo chair. (yes. Ellie AGAIN dressed herself!)
Poor ol' Gabbi. She WANTS in on the fun, but is a little scared to "get in there".
Can't say that I blame her.
But when she does, even if a bit on the outskirts, the child is in HOG HEAVEN!
That sweet, sweet Gabbi!



Melanie Christian said...

Gabbie is too cute! I love the smocked dresses! I need a baby girl so I can buy all those cute little dresses and bows!

kelly said...

That Gabbi is way too cute for words. That dress is to die are the outfits on the cousins...Maddi looking so chic and Ellie the accessorizer is a hoot.Thanks for sharing.


kimybeee said...


tricia said...

oh she looks so proud to be a part of the "in" crowd

Amy K said...

Sweet girls - I love how they're all just beaming while playing together! And, Gabbi the snuggle bug is too precious.

Amy said...

How can anyone have a bad day with those sweet girls!!

Sharidrew said...

cute, cute, and more cute! I can just hear the squeals and laughter in those pictures! Thanks for sharing!

I'm not being mean, but what is up with Maddi's hair? It always seems to be so wild and crazy in the pictures! She must not be a bow girl! Love the girls clothes though!!

randdmom said...

That last photo of Gabbi is priceless! You can feel her excitement just by looking at the expression of her face!!! So dang cute!

Liloia Family said...

Gabbi is just PRECIOUS!! What a cutie!!! I love seeing all 3 girls playing with smiles on their faces, there is nothing more wonderful than that!! Enjoy this time with your girls!!

Beverly said...

She is so cute and I just love that smile. there is nothing in this world sweeter than snuggling with a sweet little girl! You are so, so smart to enjoy this time. There'll be no regrets when the girls are older and you won't be saying I wish I had taken more time with them when they were little. Go nest, Mo!

Carrie said...

Little GG is just sweet as pie! I did notice that she wasn't in dresses quite a much as Ellie did. I can not believe how long her hair is getting. I swear my girl is never going to have enough hair for REAL piggies. Thanks so much for sharing your girlies.