Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dixie Cup Extravaganza!

Well, the problem with the computer is NOT solved. And, actually, it is a long story! Just know that we are going to have to depend on pics I thieved off Staci's computer this evening when we were over there for dinner!

Pics that tell stories, like these:

I wasn't really sure what these two were doing at first. It took a little bit closer inspection!
And then I saw them.... Dixie cups. The whole sleeve of them! And every one of them had apparently been filled, dumped, and cast into the pile!

Paper cup fillin' is serious business! Ellie in black toenail polish. Maddi in red tutu and rubber boots. (umm, make that one rubber boot!)

Man this is a fun thing to do! What can we get into next!??

These two are just FULL of adventures!

Thanks, Staci, for keeping as many random pics on your computer as I do on mine! You are like the Wonder Pets... who "saaaaave the day"!


P.S. Q52 week 11 (11!!!) tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Yikes I hope u get ur computer issues straightened out! I love the pics you and Staci get of the girls...moments I wouldn't always think of getting...thanks for making me see what things I am missing!!!
How's the BAH coming along??
Thanks so much for sharing the past few weeks with pics of those sweet, beautiful precious baby girls! I have enjoyed them!

Molly said...

And is that a random piece of bacon on the counter? =) Love it!

Molly in GA

Amy K said...

Oh my goodness - make me laugh right out loud! Those girls sitting on the vanity like that...and Maddi's boot!!!!
I hope you're still bloggin' when those two are teenagers - oh the mischief! :)
Hopefully you can get your computer issues worked out.
Have an awesome Monday!

Shannon said...

Oh I hate computer problems!!

Thanks for the random fix, until the "puter" gets fixed!!

tricia said...

they sure are working hard

Beth E. said...

Computer problems stink. Hope you get everything up and running soon!

In the meantime... tell Staci she needs to start her blog again. It's been way too long!

Emma and Maddi will always have some sort of adventure going on...of that I'm sure! ;-)

stephleighjenkins said...

Computer needs to be fixed pronto!! I can't go without mojoy and those sweet girls for longer than a day (at the most)

Becky said...

OK - you need to call Jesse and get that computer fixed! You have no clue how many of us ~ use your sight to "Feel the Joy". I always wait as long as I can everyday before I break down and come to your blog because it gives me something to look forward to while I am working. Loved the pictures - all of them. Becky

Kim said...

Was just thinking of you ~ happened to notice the clock ~ 11:11!!

Steph said...


That is why I will NEVER get a Mac, but I will admit that they guy at the apple store that we visited when you were in GA almost had me convinced. I will stick with my Dell, thank you!!!! I know how to fix those myself.


Melanie Christian said...

Oh the joys of toddlers! Ellie and Maddie are precious! You and Stacy have your hands full with those two. Just imagine when they're teenagers! :)

breanna said...

double trouble for sure!!! i'm BAAACK!!! i'm coming home in a couple of weeks during the kids' easter break! i may bring cute hair clips with me:)

breanna said...

wonder pets, wonder pets we're on our way
to help our friend and save the day
we're not too big
and we're not too tough
but when we work together
we've got the right stuff
goooo wonderpets

{we may have seen that show a few too many times:)}

kendra said...

Let me just tell you how dang cute your kids are... You must get your computer fixed, NOJOY made me real sad.

blessedmomof3 said...

These pictures are too cute. The first one should definately be blown up and put in the BAH somewhere. It is precious. LOVE the one rainboot.