Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine's Day Party... 1st annual

We got back in town on Sunday, and I had this planned for Monday night.
A big fat Valentine's Day party. I invited my employees and their kids, kids who do therapy at our office, and even a few personal friends and neighbors. Well, looky there... it is Sarah Sue from next door.
And you KNOW that if I go through all the trouble and expense for a party, then dadgumit, my own girly girls will definitely be there!
And Emma Lou came by to play with us. She made one of the flower Valentines. If you could see it from another angle, you'd see the petals are made of hearts. It was pretty dang cute.
This is Ashley. She is a speech language pathologist at MMPT. She stayed long enough to make one of the super cute necklaces we had set out for a craft for the kiddos.
We had pizza and lots of candy.
We also made these Valentines, and the kids decorated them with all kinds of stickers, glitter, stamps, and markers.
This is a "before" picture. I mean, "before the tornado hit"!
This is the tornado!
This is Miss Lydia. She was my special helper before all the other kids arrived.
We just let the kids go absolutely hog wild. No rules! We let the glitter get all over the floor, the scraps were everywhere, and wouldn't you know it... it was all cleaned up in absolutely no time when it was time to go.
These are the Garner twins. Bridget learned how to walk in my clinic when she was a teensy one. I have been seeing her for PT for the past 11 years. She is like "my" kid! LOVE these girls!
And this is Griffin. His mom, Christina, is a therapist in our OT department. He did a mighty fine job incorporating many, many rhinestones and pearls into his very large Valentine. I envy the recipient of this mega card!
Doesn't this look like fun? It really was! The kids were so excited.
Oh, my! My vampiress neighbor, Nicole, even came out of her cave to PLAY! YAY for you, Nicole! Were you "CONTENT" this evening?!
Conner was the only little boy at the party, but I swear, he could not have cared less! He LOVES my girls, and every time he is around, he carries them around and absolutely tends to their every need!
This is Robin (in pink) and Ashlee (mom to Roane). Robin was my ring leader for setting this whole project up. She got the decorations up and helped me get all the goodies ready for the show.
ANd that is Maddie, her daughter, in the middle who came up early to get some pre cut hearts ready for those who wanted to partake.
These were four cousins who came together to play.
And this is some hottie who CANNOT let an artsy project pass by without her also joining in! See that "nest" around her neck?
Ok, so let me tell you about these two. They work together in my West Monroe adult clinic. Crystal (in red) is more like me.... orange personality... organization is not necessarily her game! Becky (in pink) is the VERY gold personality who is extremely organized and is stressed out by us oranges and our spontaneity and changing of our minds.
Fast forward to the next generation.... Becky's daughter, Charissa. This is Charissa's Valentine list.
and YES, she DID cross off every name as she completed their very custom Valentine's Day card.
Charissa.... the apple doesnt' fall far from the tree! Everybody who meets Ellie Sue says that about her and her mom too. Poor ol' girl. She better get her a day planner when she hits pre K!
Pulling up the end was Emma Lou who had to make a couple of special V day cards for her buddies, Ellie and Gabbi.
And then I went into the room next door which is actually set up to treat kiddos with sensory integration issues.... thus swings of every kind!
and this is the chaos that I witnessed. Look at that little bird in the middle. Happy as can be to be with all the "big kids".
It was a very successful first annual Valentine's Day party. I hope to do it again next year, on an even bigger scale!


Amy K said...

Looks like an awesome time was had by all! I LOVE Ellie's outfit, and the necklaces....will you be selling any of those necklaces on Etsy?

Lori said...

We didn't know about it :( Seph would have loved it!!! Sorry we werent there!

Debbie said...

Looks like fun for all!! You guys have the most fun!!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Beth E. said...

Sorrrryyyyyy....I'm just now getting a chance to read your posts! Part of the BALANCE for me is that I'm trying to spend more time with the hubs, and less time on the computer.

I honestly don't see how you do it all, sista....owning your own businesses, active in your community, very involved in family and the JOR Foundation, making all kinds of crafty things, scrapping, blogging...whew! I average 5 hours of sleep a night...I don't think you sleep at all!

You go,'re an inspiration to us all!

Becky said...

it was a blast (even though poor karissa takes after me...she still knows have to have a good time, but if it's not on the list, she's LOST -- I know the feeling!) :-)

MLP said...

I love me a Valentine party! Can't resist them!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ellie's outfit is too cute! Wanted to see more of Gabbi's but she was too busy!!!

Shannon said...

Sorry I was on a work trip. Love the party, as said before I so wish we lived closer so my son could get therapy at MMPT!!! Also, I'm totally stealing the Valentine's made with pixie stix...for some reason I picked up a package and now have a reason to use them!!

SamC said...

I'm sorry I didn't respond yesterday. To say the least, yesterday was stressful. Have you ever been with your parents to the doctor??? My Dad went to the cardiologist yesterday. The nurse said "Are you doing better? My Dad said "Yes." I said "Daddy, you were in the emergency room yesterday!" I wanted to beat my head on the wall.

I did take a quick look at the post, but, I didn't get to respond. It looks like everyone had a ball!

Christina said...

Mel, thank you soooo much for the fun party! My 4 had a great time. I love the cute pics of my crew. Thanks!