Saturday, February 13, 2010

Three little birds.

I am nesting a bit tonihgt. Has been a long, busy week, so Ellie and I are doing paperdolls and Gabbi Girl is enjoying her "mnmnmnmnmns" (M&M's) from DeeDee and Granddad that came in the mail today.

You have been doing so, so great to leave so many comments lately, so you KNOW i will not leave you without a post tonight.
Enjoy a few pics I took this week when Maddiboo stayed with my girls while Staci went to work.

You know I am all about suckers to keep the peace!

I wish you could tell it better, but these little birds were dancing for me!

and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Well, there you have it.
Crazy little young uns!



connie said...

mo i love the pics of the girls dancing for you so cute for sure yeah looks like they was enjoying it so much thanks for positng pics of them tonight have fun with your little girls they are so much fun to see in the pics i love seeing all the pics you take of them. hugs and love ya

Dawn said...

LOVE the pictures of the girls dancing. They are just too precious. I am glad that you post pictures of Maddie too so we can watch her grow up as well. Happy Valentines to y'all!

Amy K said...

So cute! Love seeing pics of Maddi too...hasn't cousin Ellie taught Maddi the pose??? ;)
It is so wonderful how they're all growing up together, and will be close always!
Happy Valentine's Day!

kate523 said...

How adoreable is that???? I can't beleive how tall Maddi is.

Thanks for sharing!

Mindy said...

Noooooooo......Gabbi looks like a big girl in those brown leggings. I can't take it!! Love that you got pics of Maddi smiling!

Kathryn said...

Cute, cute, cute!

Amy said...

Thanks for the pics of the girls, they are getting so big. They just love life!!

Kendall Family said...

love the dance party pictures - yeah for family.


MLP said...

I love a good dance party myself! They are always going to have a BLAST together!

Happy Valentine's Day, my friend!!!

Beth E. said...

They are too's great to see some pics of Maddi. I've really missed Staci in blogland!

Carrie said...

Oh for fun! Looks like you had a busy house with all those little birdies :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the second to last picture. So cute! Hope you are having a Happy Valentines Day!

Linda said...

Those are too cute, and Miss Maddi sure looks a lot like sweet Jake--how wonderful!!

Hope your weekend was fab! :)

snekcip said...

Love seeing pics of MADDI!! They are gonna have a blast growing up!!!