Monday, January 25, 2010

Yippee for our Saints!

Ok, hold onto your hats! THE SAINTS ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!!!
These are actually the outfits we wore to church this morning! We are not used to our state team being in an actual league championship! I mean, they have NEVER been to a superbowl. And since Louisiana, honestly, ranks, like 49th or 50th in most of the "good" rankings, like schools, medical care, general health, and like, 1st or 2nd in "obesity", "early deaths" etc... it is really GREAT for our state as a whole to have a little "feel good", morale boost like this!
soooo... the Groves house is happy to lend our support!
We got our game faces on. After all, this is right up there with a SNOW DAY in Louisiana. It just doesn't happen! ANd when it does, we bring out the salt for the road, chains for the tires, and anything and everything that looks like it may "sled" across the 1" of accumulation from the flurries!!
Mary Allison was spending her obligatory Sunday afternoon with us, so of course, she "got her paint on" too.
And if you notice in the background there.... SOooooomeone has returned to the many, many orders that were awaiting her after Christmas. Please email me if you are still waiting on yours. ANd I DO apologize! I was overwhelmed with the Christmas orders! I will start earlier this year!
Little Miss sat so still and really acted maturely for this process. I likened it to painting fingernails, so she was all over that concept!

And yes... that is what I wore to church too!
Ok, pay attention to Maddi's shirt (may have to zoom in) because I will reference it shortly.
By now, you know that we all get together for any football game... LSU or Saints!
and we typically gather at HER house...
and SHE is always there too! (Don says he has two wives!)
ANd SHE Is always in the bunch, especially considering she lives on the other side of the BAH that now divides them.
Maddi refused to smile or pose. THis is the best I could get!
And now for the real reason I wanted to do a big ol' Saints post... the PANTS!
Staci had these made for the girls as a preview! She is going to be selling them at her store this week... like hotcakes!
I asked her if I could get any of you who want them to order them, by when would she need that order to get them shipped out. She said with two weeks to spare, she would need to know by Thursday in order to get them all out on time.
So if you are local... head straight to Spoiled Rotten... that shirt that Maddi is wearing above... that is a white tee with a black fleur de lis and gold Madison monogrammed across it.

The cost of the shirt $25. The pants, IF there is any fabric left in our city, will also be ready in a day or two. Call Staci to place the orders at her store... 318-324-1159. May be getting more of the pants ready before the big game. Will have to call her to confirm! Little boy shirts with "Who Dat" are also ready for purchase. Nothing like blogging to promote little sis's store, huh?!

And one more thing....
Geaux Saints!!



Beth E. said...

How cute! I'm not much for football, but I love the outfits!

sweetcorn1 said...

Check out Gabbi girl doing "THE POSE" next to her big sister Ellie. I'm originally from Indy but I lived in Louisiana (Ft Polk) for awhile. I'm rooting for the Colts but I won't be too disappointed if y'all win. Please don't hold that against me! Lol.....Linda

Carrie said...

Phoey! That's all I have to say about the football game last night. Phoey, phoey, phoey!!!!!
Okay, I guess I can be a little happy for your state since I think so fondly of y'all! I will for sure be rooting for you now that you'll be playing the Colts. Someone better take down Peyton Manning.
Loving the little girlies in their Saints attire. Very cute :)

jneman said...

I agree with Carrie. And I will add that the Vikings should have won:)

I guess the one good thing in all of this is my stomach won't be knots 2 weeks from now.

Amy K said...

Oh my goodness! Those outfits are AWESOME!!!
Because we're Packer fans here, we'll be rootin' for the NFC (Saints) in the Super Bowl.
Have a great day!

Liloia Family said...

Love those Saints outfits, how cute!!! I am coming to Louisiana in April (New Orleans) first time!! Can't wait. Because I am coming to LA, I am going to cheer for the Saints in the superbowl (because my Philly Eagles didn't make it). GO SAINTS!!

Linzay said...

I will be the first to acknowledge/notice it. Mary Allison looks great. She got her braces off. Beautiful smile girl!

Momma and Her Doodle said...

Oh man MO, Does Staci have a web site for her store?

Us Northerns need some more options!


Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ Slowly but surely Gabbi is getting her pose on.....she learned from the best! Congrats on the Saints - I thought of all of you as soon as they won. The outfits are adorable and the models are even better! The girls are just too cute. Enjoy and have a great day. Diana from Colorado

MLP said...

I'll cheer for your Saints, too!!! LOVE this post because I LOVE allllllllllll that spirit!!!!!

firefamily said...

Ok, hailing from the Great State of Hockey (MN) and reeling from a dissappointing upset on Sunday. My house was torn, Dylan and Chrissy were cheering for the Saints and the rest of us were die hard Vikings fans. Dylan and Chrissy used to be until they fell in love with Louisiana, now Dylan is all about LSU and the Saints so we let him because we love you guys and it's only because of you that he loves your great state. Dylan even said the Saints were going to win because Jake was on their side and he has more pull than anyone else. How do you argue with that.
So if it can't be the Vikings we are thrilled it's the Saints and we went out this week to get our Saints gear for the big game. We will be pulling for the Saints to go all the way and Dylan is convinced that with Jake on their side they can't loose. So in closing GEAUX SAINTS! With much love to all of you from the Great State of MN.
The Eckart's
Cyndi, Darren, Dylan, Chrissy, Matthew and Belle