Sunday, January 24, 2010

My cute little Gabbi Girl. (annnnd 52Q WEEK 4!)

DANG! I'm just sayin'!
I've said it before. I'll say it again. I hit the adoption JACKPOT!

Ok, so are you ready? Huh? Get your tags or journals or keyboard finger for Jessi's download tomorrow. Question for week 4:


Look forward to seeing your tags! Thanks to those who are uploading to Flickr.

My office (each clinic and each department) came up with their "words" for 2010 to direct us this year. Peace, Connect, Diamond, Reach, Strive, Numbers, Inspire, Fun, Focus.
As a clinic as a whole, I am looking for EXCELLENCE and JOY! And as leaders of the crew, Karl and I have chosen INTEGRITY.

I am expecting the best year yet.


Mary Allison said...

That kid gets cuter and prettier each day!
Good Q!

See you in a little bit!

Lisa said...

I borrowed my friends Accucut so I could cut tags for the year!! I haven't started answering the questions - but I'll catch up fast. Such a good idea - I shared it on my blog a while back so maybe some of my friends will join in!

Beth E. said...

Gabbi's growing so fast! Her smile lights up her entire face. Seeing pics of Gabbi and Ellie never fails to make me smile.

Oooo, Mo....this is a tough question! It's hard to figure out how others see us...sometimes, we usually scrutinize ourselves pretty harshly, failing to see any good that others see in us.

kimybeee said...

GG is getting so big! Are you washing that girl's hair with fertilizer? I have never seen hair grow that fast. You will have to start calling her Rapunzel.

Love the pics of the girlies!

I am playing the 52q game. I am going to my facebook friends this week for answers on the three words. My husband thinks i'm bipolar! ha ha

Dawn said...

Hey Melanie. I told a good friend about your blog this week and about the 52Q challenge. She loves to do things like that. Her name is Terri, so be looking for her to sign in.

Zhohn said...

Mo, you would be so proud! I hit Hobby Lobby up and spent most of a day catching up on my tags. I'm not very creative but I gave in and gave it a try; CUTE and FUN! I love my little "art time"! I will try and share pics tomorrow.

I must agree on your little Gabbi Lou, cute cute! I can't post without mentioning Ellie, she is so adorable. :)

MLP said...

Gorgeous Gabbi!!! What are you and Todd going to do with those two beauties?!?