Saturday, January 30, 2010

Magic Kingdom 2010

And awwwaaaaaaay we go!
Our one and only family shot in front of Cinderella's castle. Which, by the way, Ellie has no concept of yet, (thank you,LORD!), so we didn't have to buy the dress, pay for the hairstyling, or attend the breakfast with the princesses! All in due time, I am sure, and you can bet, Todd the Bod is EXCITED about that!!
I bought a Christmas ornament with the castle on it, and it has a spot for a wallet sized photo. Even though the glaring sun was killing my girls' eyes, this is going to have to do for our Christmas tree next year!
And this is Todd and his parents. Oh, and any photog would tell you to watch for what's in your background. I have no idea what that is growing out of Todd's head!
Oh, and Lindsay and Melinda... see that Castle? I like to STROLL around it, not RUN through it. Count me out on any 1/2 marathon. Maybe I can get back as a cheerleader. I am good at that!

Remember, this is "the happiest place on earth." They are EVEN happier if you buy their overpriced balloons.
We went to the candy store where Ellie found a couple of suckers....
HERE they are!
Ahhh, grandparents. Know what I LOVE about this picture?
I am not toting a baby! THEY are in a line to ride Peter Pan and I am eating an ice cream cone, sitting on a bench with my hubby.
and like that... it was over. Now it's Todd's turn. This was a baby roller coaster. Turns out my little dare devil may be more like her mom than we even knew.
Not really her thing!

This is on a monorail between parks.
A sweet moment, and then, you KNOW how I am about Hand pictures!
I'd say all in all, Magic Kingdom lived up to our expectations.
Gabbi Girl got her a sucker too, so all was right with the world!


MLP said...

Oh you guys are magical!!! Love the trip and will totally hit you up when we reach Disney World time for us (Gonna be a while now since Hudson came along! Poor Walker!). That last pic of Gabbi Girl with the sucker is precious!

Love the family pic, too!

Anonymous said...

OH, the girls made me has been too long! I miss all yall! I had a HAPPY box waiting on my doorstep yesterday for me! YAY! OH, and yes, come along........come away with me! Juuust kidding! But, seriously, come cheer us on anytime! You're the best cheerleader ever and you might just encourage me to cheer the other two on as STROLL with you through the castle!!!! :)) Have a MAGICAL time!

breanna said...

SO FUN!!!! And it just gets better every year!

In Ellie's defense, that is a jerky roller coaster! Renee won't ride it, but she will ride splash mountain. How crazy is it that I have a child old enough to ride that!?!?

Kenzie Holley said...

My favorite! Thanks for sharing that with us!!

melinda marie said...

oh mo... it's so mind over matter! you would rock at any half marathon! especially when you use our mantra... "walk, trot, sit, rest.... repeat!"

i hope that you WILL come down first weekend of march. we've got a spot for you... and will need you to help celebrate LINDSAY'S birthday.

keep us posted! i'll keep my fingers crossed!

love, melinda marie!