Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Footy pajamas

Ok, for starters, there have been so many comments on Gabbi Girl's long hair lately. And YES it is long and pretty, and might I add, so soft! However, when Gabbi Girl woke up, she had her hair kinda tucked into her pj's and it looked like she had a littel Posh Spice thing going on with a stacked bob!
Whatcha think? It is enough to make me want to get it cut. I think it looks so cute!
But maybe not in the same "Cute" department as these footy pajamas!
There is only one thing cuter than a baby girl in footy pajamas.
And that is TWO baby girls in footy pajamas.
And you just gotta KNOW that Ellie isn't going to let a photo shoot go by without a "yoga pose". I kinda wish she'd never learned that one!
But she has. So get ready to see it.... A LOT!
Busy nesting!!



Cori said...

Seriously love the footie pajamas!! I can't wait until I have a little girl to some on!!

Jennifer said...

I just love reading about Ellie & Gabbi. And, yes, I think Gabbi would look a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e with a bob cut.

Zhohn said...

Love the bob look on Gabbi, very "big girl"!
Can't comment without mentioning Ellie Bellie, loving the big girl she has become!

Gotta love the footy pj's.

Mary said...

think Gabbi's hair would look very cute cut like that. Ellie is going on "8" right? Wow, she is so smart for her age.

Dottie Phillips said...

cute! I love my Brooke in footy pajamas. The only thing is she doesn't like to sleep with her feet covered.... :( Maybe the new baby will like em? lol

Shannon said...

Oh that cut would look cute on Gabbi and so easy to take care of!!

I love footie jammies, my son still wears them cause he doesn't like blankets.

Jenn said...

My daughter is 7 and still wears them. I love love love them! Your girls are cute as usual!

Kenzie Holley said...

Gabbi girl's getting SOO big! O love the footy pj's!

Kim said...

Super CUTE!! I just LOVE seeing when Ellie is doing something ~ Gabbi is right there by her side trying to do the same!! What a bond these 2 are developing!!

Did I miss something?? Is the scar on Ellie's forehead from the fall at Staci's some time back, or did she take another digger?? Bless her heart!!

Melissa said...

How precious! Ellie's yoga pose makes me laugh!

Gabbi would look precious with a bob! I'll go ahead and warn you, those little baby ends get very tangly the more they grow. That's how my sisters hair looked, we went for the bob too!

Carrie said...

I am a sucker for footy jammies too! Grant WILL not wear them cause he hates his feet being restricted but Audrey loves them. I am going to miss some day when they are too big for them.
I think Gabbi's hair is super cute in a bob but something is telling me you should let it grow!

Denise said...

Ahhhh..... footie pajamas. Brings back a lot of memories. We used to call them Dr. Dentons. I guess that was the brand name way back then. They are the best!
Love the hairdo idea, but don't know if Gabbi has enough thickness yet to pull it off. You might be disappointed.
And I am loving Ellie's curly hair! (That comment coming from someone who has dead straight hair!).
{{{hugs}}} Denise

Renee said...

I say go for the hair cut. A bob or inverted bob would look precious.

Martha from NC said...

Lovin' the footed jammies. The girls are growing up so fast. Gabbi Girl's hair is adorable; don't cut it right now. Let it grow a little longer so she can have pigtails, etc. Ellie Sue did a great job with the yoga pose; pure talent!! She is a hoot! Hope you guys have a "mahvelous" weekend.

RADstitches said...

You gotta get you some footed jammers too.. I nearly died when I saw adult sizes in Target! I was like YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!!?!!