Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ellie Teeny Tiny!

Ya know. All that baby talk over there on Mindy's blog made me wax a bit nostalgic for my own tiny baby days! I had to take a little virtual trip down memory lane.
These pictures were taken merely hours (really probably within the first hour) of Ellie's birth.
We were absolutely beside ourselves, giddy, over this bundle of joy!
It had been 9 months since Jake's death, and to say we were on a bit of an emotional roller coaster, (looking back on it), would be an understatement. Many of you may not realize this, but all that emotional confusion is why there is now a "MoJoy" blog.
I had been a primary author of Jake's Caringbridge site for two years... DAILY! And was trying to keep his little memory alive on his site, but found that we were having some very unexpected BLESSINGS coming our way on a regular basis, as a family!

It didn't seem that his site was the place to talk about "happiness", although that was exactly what I was starting to see/ feel all around me. I missed Jake immensely!, but more (mo') Joy was taking the place of sorrow. And I knew that is how he'd want it!

And so, I started a new blog...
This little bundle was MY gift and man, was she ever a gift!!

I don't think that way back then I ever mentioned that Ellie's name was going to be Gabbi Louanne. Did I? Surprised?! Staci showed up at the hospital with this Cosmo to tell me that it was a "Sign" that Gabrielle's picture was on the cover. Of course, she HAD to be named Gabbi!
Flash forward a year and we got our Gabbi! (Todd's favorite name for a girl... Gabbi Groves!)

We took this sweet pea home and have had nothing but pleasure out of her since! (Except when a Sharpie marker, coral fingernail polish or red Kool-aid is involved.)
We were all just TAKEN with her. She was PERFECT! In every way! And this is how adoption happens... PLOONK. She is handed to you and you are now a mama. WOW! Looking back, I do not know how I even kept my composure. That is quite a moment!

Pops had never had a baby grandgirly!
See.... fresh! She still has the Vaseline eye smeary stuff on her eyes from being freshly cleaned. And do you think JinJin looks happy to be a grandmother again?!
I remember Todd and I taking her home and saying, "now what do we do?" We laid her in her crib (probably the only time her little behind ever touched that thing) and stared at her. This was certainly new territory for us! She was Perfect. Oh, wait. Did I say that already?
You hear other parents gush and go on about their babies, and you are like, "ok, ok, I get it. You are in love with your baby." But, this was different. She WAS perfect. Smart (I could tell already), beautiful, sweet (I mean back then!), and so totally needed to complete us and to help our hearts heal.
Ok, Mindy. There you go. I had to do it. I had to go back and check these out. I am in the process of taking pics off my hardrive and sending them to an external harddrive because I am totally out of space. I will NEVER figure out how to access them once they are no longer on here, so.... Today, we reminisced. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
My sweet Ellie Susanne.



Zhohn said...

Awww, sweet little Ellie Sue!!! I remember those pictures!

I'm so glad that you are part of each other's lives.

Denise said...

Awwwwwww, thanks Mo for the trip down awesome memory lane. I was in your company about a week before the adoption, and I remember so very well all the emotions that were going 'round. I am so, so glad that you and Todd realized your dreams. You both are wonderful human beings. And now you are showing us what wonderful parents you are too. Lucky Ellie Sue and Gabbi Lou!!
Thanks so much for sharing, xo

Carrie said...

How can these pictures seem so long ago already? Seems like just yesterday. And I have to agree, she was so very perfect (and still is :) What an awesome trip down memory lane. And don't let the external hard drive scare you. It will still be easy to access the pics, you'll just need to hook up a USB to do it.
Oh, and no...not 'officially' a photographer. I WISH!! Just doing a little on the side and of my kids, of course. And I Heart Faces hosts a fun little photo challenge each week but all you really 'win' is bragging rights.
Thank you for sharing your life on your blog. I so love being able to keep up with your awesome family from a distance. Keep 'em coming!

nanny of two said...

Absolutely my all time favorite post of yours. I truly read all about her and could tell the love you have for her even then. By the way, I'm a Nanny of Three now. I'm the one you made the LSU jewelry for the mommy and baby. She is here now and BEAUTIFUL. So seeing that time with Ellie is liking looking at our new Emma who is two weeks old. I love babies.You are great parents.

Beth E. said...

Beautiful! *sniff, sniff* I remember when Ellie was born, and the pics you shared on that special day. What a cutie...and what a blessing!

KKGrimmer said...

Oh man, you and Mindy are giving me 'baby fever'! Such sweet times! I guess I'll just treating my puppy dog as my baby that she is! I'm so happy for you all!

Cori said...

SO, SO sweet!! Definitely a perfect pink bundle!!

MLP said...

Absolutely love this, Mo! Makes me think back because we didn't really "know" each other back then, but boy did I know you. I was such a stalker.

Your babies ARE perfect. I love your stories, your pictures, your family. Thanks for sharing!!!

I think yall should do it again by the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy K said...

Absolutely precious trip down memory lane! She was/is such a beautiful gift...they both are!
God definitely brought all of you together for a reason. Your girls are so blessed to be part of such a wonderful family!

Belinda said...

Great post as usual! I remember you putting these pics on when Ellie was born, and I have said all along she favored Jake, but looking at these pictures again..WOW she really looks like Jake (to me)! Your girls are very blessed to have such a great family!

Kenzie Holley said...
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Kenzie Holley said...

So sweet! Thanks for sharing that with us!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ Gald your back home safe & sound. I just loved the photos of Disney, Epcot & Sea World - you guys must have had a blast with Todd's family. I remember when Ellie was born (I was not signing in then...) but this confirms just what a BEAUTIFUL baby she was (and still is). You really did hit the "adoption jackpot" with your girls. I hope you can continue your nesting now that your home & hopefully you do not have to run back to work. Stay well & enjoy, Diana from Colorado

Susan P said...

Soooo sweet! Your girls hit the adoption jackpot and landed in the arms of such a fun, adorable family. And of course...you guys hit the jackpot too!

snekcip said...

This post needed Michael Jackson's song "Do you remember the time" playing in the backdrop! Love the trip down memory lane! I have got to say though, I think I hit the JACKPOT here too!! OMG she is an absolute joy!! I guess you can say "I know....your kid is great lady"!! LOL!!! Sending kisses to Ellie/Gabbi!!! Check your email!!!

Christy said...

She was beautiful...btw they don't put vaseline on their eyes when they're born, they put Vitamin K! :)

GOD Bless

Bella's mommy said...

Love, love, LOVE the one of Ellie in the white dress! That girl hasn't changed a bit since the day she was born! (Except losing that harness and body cast!) She is just beautiful! Bella has to at least once a day watch Ellie singing her ABC's in the video post!It was funny that you posted ya'll were at Disney. We are taking Bella for the first time in April!