Saturday, January 9, 2010

DOn't forget to post your tags on Flickr.

Check out the Flickr tag on the right of this page. Click on it, then click on the menu bar across the top on GROUPS. Then... 52Q- Mo Style. THEN, check out what people have been doing with their tags! I have two more peeps coming over today to do their tags at my house. I will make sure they post theirs too! Add yours! New question tomorrow! Mo

Oh, and another cozy post was posted today... keep reading on!


Zhohn said...

I know many prayer wariors and believers visit your page Mo, that's why I am here to ask for prayers for my extended family. My cousin lost his 10 year old son yesterday unexpectedly. You can visit my blog for details.

Most of all please pray for his parents and his four siblings.

Denise said...

Two evenings in a row I have gotten out ALL my scrapbooking doodads along with my pile of tags, but I can't settle on any one design yet so nothing gets done! Sooooooo many ideas run through my head all at once and I get all confused! Does this ever happen to you?
Today I have company coming for the weekend, so things will have to wait 'til tomorrow evening when the new question will be posted. My-oh-my!! I've got a bad case of artist's block. :/
Big {{{hugs}}} to all!
Denise, xo

kimybeee said...

I may just be an idiot, but I couldn't find the tags on flickr? Just wondered if it was me?

Kim said...

Ok, after freezing rain for a day and a half followed up with yet more snow the next day and a half and then not feeling well ~ I FINALLY made it out to the store to get my tag "stuff" today. I will get to cranking on week one, and look forward to the new question tomorrow!!