Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cullens ABCs

Ok, I am about to share a secret with you. My girls sit still like this for only ONE thing...
It is YouTube sensation, Cullen.
I don't even know her actual full name. I just know she is a preschool teacher (I think I read that), and whatever it is about her, my girls LOVE her!
She starts every video by waving and saying, "Hi therrrre!" and Gabbi Girl, in particular grins ear to ear!! Ellie has learned so many little songs and she even sings them with Cullen's accent. Being a southern princess, it is hilarious to hear this weird accent! Sorry, Cullen. It's not weird, just different!
I am a FAN! I am excited to see that she has videos that seem to grow with them... they have lessons on lots of things, although right now we are pretty much watching the singy songy videos only.

Actually, I DID make Ellie watch the one about going to the dentist the other day, because I am thinking it is getting about that time!
So, thank you, Cullen. It not only buys me a little time in the morning, it is also teaching my girls and helping us slow down and "nest" a little more.



MLP said...

Those pics are hilarious. You can tell they are mezmerized. I love their darling outfits!

Shannon said...

Love those faces on the girls. Earl has been appearing more and more inside, has he always been an inside dog?

Jeni said...

Awww Earl seems to like it too!

Kenzie Holley said...

I love how the laptop is WAY bigger than them! I saw Earl somewhere in there, too! And the looks on the girls' faces are so cute as their watching the show!

Carolyn said...

Sorry Mo, but she does not have even the slightest hint of an 'accent' :) lol ~ but I am now assuming that you do!!!!!!