Monday, January 18, 2010

Ag Expo 2010

I know you have heard me talk about all of my babysitters... KK, Mary Allison, and Miss Jean with high regard! Well, there are many reasons I love them, but I soooooo love that I can just point at my camera on the way out the door, and the sitters pretty much know that means HAVE AT IT all day long on the photo side of the coin! They are good about capturing my girls' days when I can't be there with them.

I knew KK was planning to take the girls to our local "Ag Expo" on Friday. And I KNEw they would LOVE it! What I didn't know was the entourage they would have! For instance, recognize this little pipsqueak in the green!?

Yep. That is Maddi Boo. Courtney, aka "CoCo", "Corny" and formerly (thank God),"HOrny", packed her up and met the crew. Todd and I went out of town Friday night to a Willie Nelson concert. He has been my favorite singer since I was a little kid. We met Don, Staci and Dad and Rita there, but... that's for another post! Anyhoo... when I got back in town Saturday, these pics were on my camera!
What struck me about these pics was that there were four central themes that kept recurring!

Ready to hear them?! Huh?


A. Ellie is possibly the most independent two year old I have ever known.

Petting an alligator?! Seroiusly?

and do not even tell me that is a possum!

Is that a beaver? ELLIE.. STAND BACK! STOP! In every picture, she is just beebopping along all by herself like she is MISS AG EXPO. Of course, I knew KK wasn't far behind, thus all these cute shots caught on film. Well, digitally, anyway. Oh, did I tell you I got a new film (instant camera) for Christmas. Again.. for another blog post! Yep. I'd say Ellie Sue is a pretty independent kid. Which brings me to observation number two. B. Gabbi IS NOT! Time to introduce... Mr. Billy! This is KK's daddy. He is a cowboy/ rancher type. So Ag Expos are right up his alley! So apparently are little girls! Note Ellie getting the heck OUTTA there. I am sure the adult supervision was cramping her style! And where you see Gabbi, you see Mr. Billy, two steps behind! Awwwww... isn't this cute? I mean the duck, Billy! Just kidding. It doesn't get much cuter than a grown man (one I have known since high school, mind you) loving your kids the way you love them! And remember, this is my babysitter's dad. Is that sweet or what?!

and one more... WAIT. Is that Gabbi somewhat independent? Oh, nope. Check out that tan vest to the left! Nevermind. Gabbi is my girly girl who would much prefer to ride a hip, thank you very much! Ok, so those are my first two observations with what was on my camera. And now we have number three..

C. Maddi did NOT want to be captured in photos!

It was just NOT a good photo op day for Miss Maddi Boo. Oh, and 1st runner up to Miss Ag Expo. (had to, Staci!)looking at the camera... could it be? Wait? NOPE! NO smile! Ellie had some explaining to do to Maddi about farm equipment. You know, she knows about these kinds of things!
And finally, observation number four.

D. Ellie must have eaten everything at the concession stand! There were so many pics of Ellie chowing down!
Nothing like some good ol' red beans and rice....
washed down with some white milk! GAG!
and finally...
a big thank you goes out to KK, CoCo and Mr. Billy for a fun day at the Ike. My girls love the adventures they get to have when they are with you!
Jules, next time you and I will get to go! (Kak's mom!)


P.S. Ellie's "shirt" by Lindsay Yarbrough, made last year for her as a dress! Thanks, L!

And Week 3 52Q is on the next post. Scroll on down.


Nana said...

I loved this post...The girls were precious...and the Billy Caldwell family is one of my MOST favorite families in the world!! I can just see Billy grinning at the girls!
In fact..the whole Cousan, Caldwell, Sibley crew is great..I love this mutual friendship...
Ellie, Gabbi,and Maddi are so cute..and growing up so fast..Love the blogs, ya know!!

kimybeee said...

The girlies looked like they had so much fun. We do the ag shows/hunting & fishing shows too. My Caitlin (16 yesterday) has always been like Ellie. And Jonathan (14 on March 4th) has always been the quiet - stay back kid. Jonathan was PAINFULLY SHY until he started school. And even as teenagers they still have almost the same personality traits.

Maddi Boo always looks a little melancholy when you post pics of her. She is so cute. Love the girlies outfits too.

To quote a good friend of mine that is an elementary school principal - "Kids need to be well rounded, not oblong!" It is great to see the girls experience something that may not be part of their everday routine.


p.s. Ellie, I can't believe you got to pet all those cool creatures - I am so jealous!!!

Amy K said...

We're dairy farmers here, so I'm lovin' these pics Mo! With so many farms going away in our neck of the woods, it's great to see that our industry in still visible in other parts of the country!
Your precious girls make me smile everyday! Thanks for sharing!
Now I gotta get to work on my Q3 tag....

Mbeaty19 said...

I think it's so wonderful you have such amazing babysitters that do such great things with your children (and always have the camera to snap those priceless moments) I think it's so great that your girls enjoyed the Ag Expo. I think those are one of the best places to take kids because of all the great things to see and explore. From the look of the pictures I think your observations are right on. Glad your children aren't as camera shy as Maddi. It only makes those sweet smiling pictures of Maddi (like when they were driving the car) all the more precious.

Pam said...

I so love these little girls...KK said they had and absolute blast!!!
4-H here they come...Lets raise a goat...what cha think???

Melissa said...

I wanted to go this year, but we were too busy.
and....MR BILLY!! I used to work with him and he is the BEST!!! I'm sure your girls had quite a fun day with that sweetie!!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ That Ellie is quite the girl......nothing scares her!! Good for her as she will be protecting Gabbi in years to come. Gabbi is just a cuddle bunny. You have a nice balance. The girls & Maddi are adorable. Enjoy your day, Diana from Colorado

Ashley said...

Hey Mo/Mel! I finally am entering the "blog world"! The AG Expo was lots of fun, sorry we missed your beautiful girls!!
Just wanted you to know that my WORD is VISION!

Carrie said...

I thought we were hicks up her in MN but I guess it is just as bad in LA! AG Expos and Willie Nelson concerts, oh my! Seriously, you are so lucky to have such responsible and trustworthy girls (and their dads) to watch your girls. Around here once a girl has her drivers license you can count her out for babysitting anymore. You need to send one of your girlies up here for me!
Can't believe how long your girls hair and Maddi's hair is getting. I swear Audreys hasn't grown in months!
Love watching your girls grow through pictures. Thanks so much for sharing!

Jules said...

No Pam. the girls are going straight to the swine showing aka "hawgs"