Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We are diggin' Fall!!

Gotta admit. I am coming in late on a work night! And because of that... I am going with some pictures I uploaded prior to the beach but that are very worth sharing!
I just opened the window to watch these two enjoy fall!

I totally LOVE fall! I love the changing leaves. I love even the brown ones that fall on the ground!

I especially love to see these two enjoying them too! (GG was asleep!)
Still not sure what to do with that mop on top of Ellie's! So many of you said, "Let it grow" that I am trying to listen and obey!
She really could use a bow to keep that mop out of her face!
These two had a blast playing in the leaves.

Truly, I am going to show them these pictures one day to remind them of how close they were as little children! They LOVE to play with each other!

Well, hello there, Mr. Handsome Earl!

That's all for tonight. I am not even gonna lie. Had some wine. Lots of wine at an event ( for the Twin City Ballet Company) tonight and feel it is best to leave a lot unsaid. Just enjoy the pics and enjoy my babies and enjoy the last little bit of fall! It is getting COLD around here! Even brought out the jackets today!

Hey, hey to all of you going to Memphis this weekend. We had our TEAMJAKE pep rally tonight and we are ready to ROLL!! Paint on cars, check! Runners shirts, check! New SUPER cool hoodies, check! Will elaborate more this weekend!


Bj said...

Hey, I'm with you....I love, love, love the Fall...ppssstt, I even love the Winter. I'm real sensitive to the heat in the Summer, so the cooler weather works best for me. I always say, I can put "on" enough clothes to stay warm..BUT...I can't legally get "nekkid" enough to stay cool...lol.....Loved the pics, have a great day!...huggers, Bj

snekcip said...

FALLing head over heels for those precious girls!!! Love the FALL pics!!!

Unknown said...

Kim brought me a hoodie and our running shirts. I hate I couldn't make it last night, it made me sad. I'm so ready for Memphis!! TEAM JAKE is doing a great job raising money for St. Jude. See you Friday!! I love the fall pictures. Fall is my favorite time of year.

Kenzie Holley said...

I LOVE fall too! The girls are so cute!

firefamily said...

Hey Mo,
I hope you are checking on this tonight or today sometime, we are Memphis bound tomorrow morning at 5 AM our hope is to be in Memphis early Friday morning.

Please shoot me an email and let me know where our family can help out. We will be coming as supporters this year but next year Dylan and Darren have their sites set on the Grizzlies 5K. The kids can not wait for this trip and Belle has some special prizes for Ellie and Gabbie that might help with the hair situation. I will bring my scissors too just in case you have a change of heart we can style on the go. I did find it was easier to manage when I cut Belle's bangs just one time when she had hair as long as Ellie's and then we let the whole thing grow out and you will see this weekend what it looks like now.

Love to all of you and see ya'll soon in Memphis.
Cyndi and crew

Liloia Family said...

Oh my goodness, those pictures are precious!! Those two are going to be the best of friends!! How sweet it is and everytime I look at them together, I think that Jake probably had a hand in bringing them together, which makes it even more special!! Thanks for always sharing your precious moments with us!!

Melissa said...

Adoeable pics! I am so heartbroken that I am not able to make it to Memphis with you guys!