Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Girlfriend's got it goin' on!

I just figured you would want to see yet another of Ellie Sue's creative "coscumes"!
DeeDee seemed to appreciate E's style and let her wear what she pleased on occasion! However, I had to DRAW THE LINE when my girls went out and about WITHOUT their bows! Gasp! Egads! WHAT?!
Only a grandmother! They see past the hair in the eyes.
This crazy nut has learned to strike a pose. Literally.
She puts both hands on her hips and cocks her lead leg out. It is quite hysterical.
That pink shiny thing around her neck is a backwards headband. You know, the kind with dangly things that are SUPPOSED to hang down under your hair. Unless you are highly evolved with your accessory styling!
And that blue thing on her wrist. A rubber band with little jewels. Looks enough like a bracelet to me! And let's not even speculate on those shades!
And here is little Gabbi Girl. Check out her hair. She looks like Miss Texas! I think she is pageant system ready! Pretty, pretty!


connie said...

hey mo i love these pics of ellie so cute and loved the one of her and her grandmother so precious. looks like they was having a great time that day playing im sure they had a blast playing with each other i love the hair its getting long let it keep growing pull back with what ever you can make and find. she is so pretty and i gabbie girl is precious too i loved the pic of her posing so so cute. i love her hair its getting long too dont cut it either. i cant wait to see christmas pics of them . hugs and love ya have fun in memphis this weekend take lots of pics please. and stay bundled up i heard its going to be very cold there. i wish i could go but i cant so i wil be cheering for yall from my house.
hugs and love yall

Jennifer said...

Rose colored glasses-ha! Cute pictures!!

Bj said...

This is too cute....imma sitting here laughing so hard it mind is spinning forward to about the year 2022...this "teenager" will be hilarious.....huggers, Bj

Carrie said...

My, you sure do have a couple of glamor girls on your hands! Lovin' Ellie's fashion sense and her 'posing' is hilarious. Gabbi's hair sure is getting long and is so super cute.

Kenzie Holley said...

i love that last pic of gabbi girl!

Renee said...

Go head on Ellie Sue with your bad self. Sista is rocking it out! Too cute.

MLP said...

Trendy Mindy loves a post like this! Ellie Sue is too cute and Miss Texas is precious!