Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas gowns

Ready for some serious cuteness?
I just could NOT wait until Christmas to see my girlies in their cute gowns!
I mean.. Seriously! So cute!
I am Sooooo lovin' Staci owning a kids' store! I get dibs on the Christmas gowns when they come in, AND I get to get them monogrammed all cute like!
And, Man, I soooooo want to throw away this dingy, nasty princess couch. And when I ask Todd, "Are you SURE they really like it?", all he usually has to do is point in their direction and they are all happily piled up on it. yuck! NOT making the move with us!
Ellie LOVES But-tons. She totally articulates the word, "But-tons"! It is a scream. She can completely dress herself. Socks, shoes, shirt, pants, buckles, zippers, and but-tons! Impressed? I am!
Look at this sweet little angel baby playing all by her lonesome.

And once again, my too baby girls sucking down a couple of bottles. I wonder if they can put them in a fanny pack or something when they go to kindergarten?!
YES, ELLIE. I am talking about YOU!
Same spot. No flash! Love these little photos. They will be going in my Christmas scrapbook.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE having baby girls. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how much JOY they are going to bring us this Christmas. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the entire journey it took for us to get to this very spot. The pain, the love, the laughs, the entire journey.
Wishing you all a whole bunch of joy too! Look back at your lives. Can you see how it has all added up to your being in this very spot where you find yourselves now? Can you see God's perfect timing? Can you find all there is to be grateful for?

Just feeling full of Christmas JOY!


Bella's mommy said...

Love, love, love the gowns!!! Ok, now give Staci some props. What store does she own??? We must shop there! The girlies are cute as ever and don't worry about the bottles. Miss Bella is still lovin' hers. Maybe we can get a discount at the orthodontist if we all go together!!! LOL! Much love and hugs. Merry Christmas to the Groves clan!

Debbie said...

What cute sweeties!!! I LOVE their gowns. so precious!! Thank you for sharing those 2 babies with us. Looks like Ellie is one smart cookie!! Give them love and hugs and kisses for me.

Merry Christmas!!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Amy K said...

All I can say is Awwww...True gifts from God!
I feel your pain Mo, we have a Thomas the Train couch that is going to disappear real soon...uggh!
Christmas blessings to all from the K-Krew

GLOANN said...

The girls are so sweet and cute in their little Christmas gowns. Yes, I thank God for all the wonderful blessings in my life. There has been pain and heartache, but the blessings far outweigh those. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Catherine A said...

Awww, I LOVE this post! I can so relate to looking back on the journey and looking at the now and being so grateful. Did you know we just adopted again? A boy, born 7 weeks early in California. He is home, healthy, and we are so blessed yet again. Rejoicing with you in these blessings from God! .....LOVE the gowns. Catherine Russell Asher

Amy and Paul Schmidt said...

Merry Christmas! I have been following but not posting since Jake. I understand the bottle issue. When my son was 2 1/2 I had had enough of the bottle, couldn't even get him to take a sippy cup, but atlast I found a cup with a straw that did not leak. We never saw the bottle after that point. Just thought I would mention, in case you haven't tried the straw method. I also wanted to saw thank you for sharing your journey through therapy with your youngest, my youngest also goes to therapy she is 16 months old, and appears to be dealing with similar issues as your daughter, plus some. Through your posts I have been able to ask and question my therapists on various things because of you. Thanks for your help.
God Bless and Merry Christmas to you and your Beautiful Family.

Kenzie Holley said...

That's so RIGHT! I love those girls! They are the sweetest things. And BTW, Gabbi's hair has gotten alot longer!

Rachel said...

Great pics and adorable dresses.

I have heard of people wanting to get rid of pacifiers or bottles, so they tell the kids they have to tie them on the tree in a bag for Santa. If they put them all there Santa will bring them a great gift. Maybe it would work. At any rate your kids are going to turn out great no matter what. They are cute, happy and healthy and have loving parents.

Have a Merry Christmas.


Adrienne Saunders said...

Mo, Does Staci have a website for her store? We just got our 2nd generation adoption- an 8 month old baby girl, Olivia, from Ethiopia! She came home Saturday in that big east coast storm! Will see her on Christmas! Your girls are a chip off the old block!!!! Nature vs. nurture??? Adrienne mom to 3 girls from Brazil & Guatemala

Beverly said...

Precious, just precious! Love those two little girls. I hope you all have a wonderfully merry Christmas! Thanks for all the smiles you give me every day.

Melissa said...

Beautiful pictures of two beautiful girls in the most adorable Christmas gowns EVER!!

As for the couch, they have princess ones and Dora ones at Wal Mart right now. Just go buy a new one.

MLP said...

Sweet post, Mo!

Yes, I am grateful, too!!! For so much JOY in my life! Our cups over flow-eth, uh?!?

Love the sweet gowns on the girls. Also VERY impressed that Ellie can dress herself!!!

Precious post! God is so good!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ I'm so glad that it seems like your over the flu. Ellie & Gabbi in their monogramed dresses are adorble as usual with bottles and all! Enjoy those angels, Diana from Colorado

Jennifer said...

Yup, your right, some serious cutness!

c.holley said...

Gabbi's hair is getting longer! Merry Christmas, Groves!!


Emily said...

We have a Dora couch that is probably just as disgusting as yours but if it ever "went missing" I surely would die. When she is on that couch is my only alone time!

Linda Corn said...

They look like Angels in their gowns, they are sooooo cute! It is the season to count your blessings. I'm counting mine, I've finally been told I'm tumor and cancer free after a 2 1/2 year battle. Thank God for prayers and
2nd opinions. Hope you have the Merriest Christmas ever. God Bless you all!

Crystal said...

Awwww! The whole entire post.....way too cute!!!!!!!!

Beth E. said...

Those are adorable girls is adorable gowns...great pictures!

Merry Christmas, Mo...may you and your family have a wonderful holiday. Blessings to you!

Marti said...

Love the gowns! They are precious! Enjoy Christmas with the girls. through the eyes of babes is the best way to see the magic of Christmas! Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mel and girls!

Tell Gabbi girl that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my painting and appreciate it so much! I absolutely ADORE your two precious girls! Merry Christmas!

God bless you,
Patchez Long

Sandy said...

Love the gowns Mo. The girls are just simple precious. Keep enjoying your baby girls they will grow up way too fast and you will wish they still had those bottles, after all babies do NOT come with "directions" stamped on their bottoms.!! I let mine do the same thing you are doing and yes we had orthodontist but that is just part of todays world. I wish mine were still that age.

Sandy said...

oh and Merry Christmas to you and your family