Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ol Gabbi Girl.

Did you think I had forgotten about my baby child?
Well heck no! I have just had quite a week of adventures with her older sister! I have been taking lots of pics of BOTH of my girlies, and actually it has been a big week for Miss GG!
Miss Thang is now taking steps! She can walk across the den!
And just you look....
she is becoming quite the little explorer too!
You get back here, little miss!
Huh? WHo me?
Just pretend that her clothes are clean and she is dressed to the nines. Imagine something in the smocked family. Maybe with pumpkins on the bib in a nice sage green. Of course, imagine a huge matching bow!
Actually, McPhee is getting a new tooth, upstairs, so she is big fat drool bucket! I have even had to hunt down the old bibs.
and with the drool comes the snot! I thought it was just teething snot, but Monday, we had us a big appointment with the pediatrician. All four of us! It takes two parents for that trip!
Both girls are on antibiotics and cough meds. E Sue is also taking an inhaler.
I actually think it all started last weekend on this gorgeous day when I let it all hang out and we played barefoot in the yard!
Now, I have to get them well, as we are heading to the el beacho on Friday for a week with family on the coast.
So, as you can see, Gabbi Girl is growing and changing and is still as cute a button!
I'm just sayin'!


Amy said...

I just love any pictures of Miss Gabbi girl! She is such a doll, and getting around great. My youngest just lost her first tooth, so my baby days are over. I'm so thankful that you share your girls! Hope they are better soon.

Melissa said...

cute, cute, cute.
Have fun on the beach!!

Pining for Pinterest said...

She is so adorable!

Beverly said...

Too, too cute! Love that little Gabbi and Ellie! I come here every morning to get a smile, chuckle or big laugh out loud! Thanks for making my day. Enjoy the beach!

Rhonda said...

Yes, Miss GG is just cute as a button! And if you do happen to forget about your baby child, just call me and I'll come get her!!!!! Oh my goodness ~ she is absolutely a doll and I LOVE that big smile! Those girls both just look so darn SQUEEZABLE and LOVABLE!!! Have fun at the beach with the family!!!

Kenzie Holley said...

cute pics

Beth E. said...

Gabbi's walking? Wow...she's growing up so fast!

Adorable pics. I hope the girls feel better, soon!

MLP said...

What a doll baby!

You crack me up telling us to imagine her dressed to the nines! You crack me up! GG is precious as can be with drool and a snotty nose!!!

Linda Corn said...

I was wondering when I would see some more pictures of GG, usually you do her every other post. Just kidding. I love the posts, doesn't matter who the star of the day is. Hope everyone gets well and you enjoy your family vacation! Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Wow, both of your precious little ones are growing up so fast; and look at that Gabbi Girl standing all on her own and crawling away from her picture taking mom. Now just wait til you are home alone and one is running one direction and the other the other way....and they giggle the whole time because they know exaclty what they are doing. FUN TIMES!!!