Tuesday, November 3, 2009

MMPT. Halloween. Part 1.

Let me just go on and admit something here. I love my staff! I love them for lots of things, but I really love that they know me so well! Beth calls me late Thursday evening, you know that crappy, crappy day I had last week, and says, "Melanie. Are you aware that we don't have candy for the kids to trick or treat up here?" I said, "No." She said, "I know that Halloween is like your favorite holiday, so I didn't think you would want us up here without candy and cute bowls and such, so do you want me to make a run?" Welllllll, heck yeah! And so she did.
Remember last Friday when I said, " I think I will just forego work today."? I was kinda scared to get out of bed, the way the week had been going. Wellll, I eventually DID get out of bed, and because I had no intention of staying at work, only skipping around from clinic to clinic, I just put on street clothes.

But because there is one person in my clinic who tried to convince us that the brown jacket she had on WAS her costume, because she was A STICK IN THE MUD, I had to mock her. If you look closely, I have on a nametag that says, "HI, my name is Donna." I told everyone that I was dressed as Donna, who by the way NEVER partakes in all the reindeer games.
So here she is... OUTED! Donna. Stick in the MUD!
Sorry, Donna. It had to happen. Maybe next time, you will be the Tooth Fairy or Peter Pan or Cinderella or... join this group of Marvels...
Each department picks a theme. The West Monroe pediatric PT group went as Batman's crew. However, Batman got detained by rising flood waters, and didn't make it in to work that day either!

Have no fear! His trusty sidekick, BatGirl and Poison Ivy were there!
and of course, Robin, who played Robin!
You gotta admit. Pretty clever cos-cumes!
The pediatric OT's were pirates. I caught wind that this was the first time EVER, yes I said EVER, that Patchez wore a cos-cume for Halloween. Well, Patchez, welcome to MMPT!!
You KNOW Kristi is up for a cos-cume. She is always a playa.
Downstairs, (funny that we call it downstairs. It is its own freestanding building that happens to be nextdoor and on lower ground, thus "down" stairs), the WM adult therapists were bank robbers.
I am just going to say... if you have small children, you may want to shield them from these sights. CREEEEEE-PY!
I thought these costumes were pretty good because they let the crew still do their work without a whole bunch of fluff preventing them from moving.
Yeah, this is a weird looking bunch!
I haven't gotten pictures back from Ruston's group, aka Alice and Wonderland theme, and Monroe therapists, who were all in Pirate attire.
But when I do, you will be the first to see!


Kathryn said...

Great pics! What a fun day.

Unknown said...

Glad the bank robbers were in the adult area....spooky is right! I hope your week is better now!

MLP said...

What a FUN staff! Just like their leader!!!

Kim said...

Fun, Fun, FUN!! So awesome that your staff is as amazing as you are!! Hope the sun is shining brightly on you this week!