Sunday, November 1, 2009



Who in the world doesn't like to get something in the mail? I know I surely do!

Especially when the return address says BREANNA YOUNG!!
I always know that means GOODIES!!! And understand, I didn't ask for any of these! She is just my good friend, and she knows I will be so fired up to get them!
She not only sent shirts for Halloween, but also things for fall in general, Christmas AND ...
matching barrettes! Yayyyyy for me. Yayyyyy for my girls. Yayyyyyyy for Breanna!
We kinda have a nice trade out situation in place, I must say. She gets the girls' hand me downs for her sweet baby, Hazel.
And I get cute, cute barrettes, like this one!
My baby girl, enjoying a MEAT STICK. Straight from a recent Wisconsin trip that Dad went on!
Here is my 2+ year old still sucking down on that baba! Oh, well. Life will go on, I suppose.
Actually, I DID request bows. Remember? And I had several people respond. Breanna sent me these. Another blogger and I have decided to trade out. I am getting $60 worth of bows and she is getting a 16x20 canvas. I am ALLLLL about that!
And how bout these cute clips? I am digging these! Be looking for them all the time on my girlies in November!
Now, this could be one of my faves! So doggone cute!
Lindsay had sent me a couple of pair of flare leg pants a few months ago, with a mauvey purple on damask. I am really, really hoping these match.
And oh my word, would you just look at these? I am thinking LSU games, for sho!
Did I mention that Staci and Anja, her partner, are carrying many of Breanna's creations in their store? Name of store... Spoiled Rotten, in Monroe, LA.
Now, these....
These will have to be worn a LOT this coming month. I think they are so cute. I may have to get a big fat initial on the pumpkin, Anja. Get that monogram machine cranked up! Speaking of, how are my girls' Christmas gowns coming along? One can never be too prepared! Ha.
What would I do without girls?


tricia said...

just love the bows. Bartering especially in this economy is great.

Liloia Family said...

Does your friend make all those adorable things? The girls will look so cute in every one of them. Please post pics in all the outfits. How about some pics of the girls in their halloween costumes??

breanna said...

well if they are gonna eat a meat stick or drink a least they look cute doing it! :)

breanna said...

and i love you too! obviously :)

{my little helper published before i was done}

MLP said...

What cute stuff! Love it all and can't wait to see the girls in everything! Do they have a website?!?

Beth E. said...

The outfits and hair clips are wonderful! Breanna is very talented.

Girls have much cuter clothes than boys! Over the years (when my boys were young) I always had a hard time finding clothes I liked.

Have a great week, Mo. You deserve it...especially after last week.

Carrie said...

Very cute stuff! I love the christmas tree dresses. The colors are awesome! Your girls have to be the best dressed little girls in the South! Oh, and love the name of Staci and her partner's shop. Do they have an online shop at all? I'd love to see what they are up to. Maybe if your sister would ever update her blog (hint hint!) I wouldn't have to ask you these questions!

Unknown said...

Very cute. I have 2 boys and they have the most boring clothes ever for boys. dream of doing ribbons and bows and barretts. Not going to happen though.