Monday, October 5, 2009

Sweet helpers.

First, let me say thank you so much to all of you who sent the family well wishes on Jake's angelversary! I must say, personally, I didn't have a very bad day. I remembered him all day long and seriously saw the "11" just about every hour. I announced it to my staff so they could enjoy it too! We'd all say, "Hey, Jake!" I know he was telling me hello and all is well! Jake packed so much life into his 4 years and I am at peace knowing he is with Jesus. Again. Thanks to all of you.

Ok, so you know Todd has been out of town for the week. He went to his cousin's wedding in Wisconsin. I could handle the situation ok, except that KK comes to get the girls on MWF at 10:30 am after she gets out of class. Todd the Bod stays with them until she arrives. With him out of town, I was kinda clueless as to how I would handle this situation, as I typically have to be at work at 8:00!

Enter Miss Donna.
I (seriously) was in the neighborhood, driving home last Tuesday, thinking to myself, "WHAT am I going to do in the morning?" Oranges don't really plan, per se. We just live moment to moment! So, anyway, I am heading to the house, and I see Miss Donna on her lawn mower.
I pulled my little car right over, left it running, and headed out to ask her likely the strangest question of her day!
"Hey, Miss Donna. Whatcha doin' tomorrow morning?" :)
Lucky for me, Miss Donna was not only willing but excited about helping! She was at my house the next day at 8:00am!
Bless her little heart! These pics were taken before I headed out for work! Can you tell that my girls were pleased with my choice!?
(And can you tell that I am pleased that my baby child's head supports these big ol' gigantic bows?!!)
Anybody seen a hideaway backpack we can use to disguise this bottle when Ellie starts kindergarten!? Just sayin'!
And to whoever asked... Well, YEAH! That's Vera Bradley... and on this particular day... matchy matchy Vera Bradley!!

Miss Donna, thank you so much for taking care of my girlies. And with that, taking care of me!!
You are a good friend.


Cori said...

What a good friend!! And such precious picture below. I don't think anyone ever regrets taking too many pictures. EVERY time I see 11:11 I always have to say "Hey Jake!"

kimybeee said...

Maybe you could take Ellie shopping for a new cup. Not a sippy baby cup, but maybe one of those cool shiny water bottles that she could close the top and carry in her bag. The girlies are adorable as usual. Gabs looks so good in brown...I haven't figured out Ellie's color yet. The jewelry making post was awesome. I know that is fine detailed work that girlie put into those earrings. Way to go Ellie!!!

You need to change your banner to a fall/punkin patch pic since your girlies have grown so much...just sayin'! hee hee

Kristen said...

That is so cute!!! You're so lucky to have so many amazing people in your life! And as usual, the girls are beautiful :)

Bella's mommy said...

Hey Mo,
If you find a hideaway backpack for the ba-ba, let Bells and I know! Maybe they can give us a two for one discount for the braces we are going to have to pay for!!!! I'm just sayin'!!!! LOL! Have a great Tuesday!

MLP said...

Gotta love a sweet friend like that. The girls look so happy!

Lovin' their matching outfits, too!

Shannon said...

Too cute...I too say Hey Jake everytime I see the clock on an
"11"...and I only know him through you Mo!!!! Girlies are adorable as always!!!

randdmom said...

Good friends willing to lend a hand are priceless! I had to call my "tall friend" last week to change a smoke detector battery for me while hubby was out of town. It was 9:30 at night! Your girls sure are blessed (and so are you!)

Kenzie Holley said...

haha! I'm the one who asked if it was vera bradley!! =) and those girls are so cute! I love the pic of gabbi with the big bow on her head!!!


Anonymous said...

SWEEETTT!!! WTG Donna! You have some awesome neighbors, friends. Jealous here! I am sure she enjoyed herself with those sweet young ens.

Beth E. said...

What nice neighbors you have! Miss Donna looks like she enjoyed every minute of being with your girls.

Hmmm...maybe when Gabbi's old enough to give up her bottle, you could get Ellie to help you pack up all the bottles (hers included) and take them to a BABY. Have you got any friends with little babies? You could just leave the box at their going back for them, either! ;-) Of course, that's followed with a trip to the store to pick out some new cups for BIG GIRLS...Ellie and Gabbi! It might be rough for a couple of days. The important thing is to be consistent and not give in. They'll adjust, I promise.

I didn't have any probs with my boys giving up their bottles. It was pacifiers that took some work! We finally limited them to bedtime only, and that helped. They both were too active to want to stay in bed, so after few days they no longer wanted those stinkin' things!

Good luck!

Kathryn said...

Looks as if a couple of girlies had a great time!

Claudia said...

May I just say how jealous I am of Ms. Donna. Truly!