Sunday, October 11, 2009

LSU Tigers. Still number one in our hearts!

Ok. So, it is game day! We get all of our LSU garb on and get ready to go to the Raborns for our usual gathering of friends to cheer our beloved tigers onto victory. Or so we thought! Boo hoo.

Would you look at this side view of my little Bellie's hair? Look how long it is getting!
And just for the record. She is like MY SHADOW! I do not make a move around this house without, not one , but TWO little girls about one step behind! EVER!!
So, you can understand that when I put on my necklace with a "knot", Ellie had to have the same accessory too! Only in GOLD!

She is a funny kid!

We practiced her doing the "number one" and told her if she ever "hooked em" again, we would send her to a convent.
I think it turned into a pistol, but we tried!
Gabbi Girl is decked in a dress from last year (wish I still had evidence of my old blog on here, but you know... some people just can't sit back and enjoy the show, so you will have to take my word for it). This is Ellie's last year dress. Poor ol Gabbi. With the HAUL we just got from Maddi Boo, she won't be getting anything new for the next year! Think 20+ pairs of CUTE shoes, about 4 new Christmas smocked dresses, precious holiday outfits, and much much more. THANK YOU, STACI!!!!
This is our crew. Or, at least the ones I allowed in the picture because they had team spirit! Todd wasn't pleased with my outfit, because he did not think I was either purple OR gold enough! We tried to get Christmas Card pics before the game, and he insisted I, at least, put on this hat. I thought the purple beads and LSU earrings were jazzy enough! (He wants to do LSU Christmas cards EVERY year!)
I think the TEAM SPIRIT prize goes to Lisa and her daughter, Harley, and a friend, Ryan. They had no idea who was number 18, but that's ok! It is all about the SPIRIT!!
Now for this DORK. I said, "You cannot get in our pictures until you go put on something LSU!" She did, and you will see her in little bit with another friend who showed up late. (Rhonda, notice the pants?!)
These three were scorned for their GRAY! I mean, GRAY?! So, they claimed to be "Emo". Anybody have that little gothic, "dark", moody trend going on in their schools? Well, then you can understand the serious and "cool" facial expressions!
No moody look on Miss Smiley. She loved hanging out with all the action, and especially loved Miss Tashia!
Ok, but THIS one. It is time I tell you the truth.
Maddi has a STUBBORN streak! BIG TIME!!!

She was mad about something or another and this is her first line of defense.... the ol' back turn!
As you go to approach her and see what you can do to make it better, she DROPS to the squat pose!
And then, as you try to pick her up to console, she closes her eyes to pretend you don't even exist. It is pretty funny, really!
Now, I must say, she had on the cutest little Halloweeny/ fallish outfit when she arrived. Like her mom, she was NOT ballgame ready!! Sooooo, within about 15 minutes of Emma Lou and her 3 friends arriving, out comes Maddi in this purple and gold shirt and a pony tail square on top of her head (with a bow that is , at this point, MIA!). And of course, pink heels!

This little rocker is PawPaw Raborn's from when he was a kid. Gabbi Girl LOVES it! If it weren't for the sentimental value, I 'd be asking for it to live with us for a little while.
Emily, Staci, Don, Paula... you still reading?! I know how you hate the "WORDS"!!!!
Ok, back to the party!

Maddi got this Escalade for her birthday. It has a REAL radio in it. Aside from every time they get in it, they sing "Happy Birthday to Maddi", they all three love to play in it!
The boys did what they always do! Todd manned the grill. Sam sat squarely under the heater. Johnnye walked around trying to look busy, and Don sampled the food!
Todd, being his "Stay out of my personal space" self, posed with a "peace" with Don.

But Don, being his, "Air Supply, Chicago, Belinda Carlisle-loving self", always wants MORE!
So, as Todd pushed him away to create his "own hula hoop", Johnnye, the thug, made his way into the picture!
Johnnye, you are a bad Mofo! BOYS!
Nowwwwwww, then! Staci has emerged smelling better and in her purple and gold! Tami arrived late, because she was waiting on her cowboy husband to feed cows or horses, or something like that! Tami, just come live with me!
And finally, as I am inside the kitchen, I am witnessing THIS!
We dismantled the battery because we didn't want them running all over people/ things/ each other! Soooo.... Maddi fixed that problem!
My girls seemed to LOVE that set up!
And with the new TWO teeth coming in, (now two on bottom and one on top... I have my own little Jack o lantern!), Gabbi had an "accident" alllllll in her bloomers and first dress! So, again, Maddi to the rescue. This was in another pile of hand me downs from Maddi.
How lucky can one girl get?!
Our tigers lost, but we had a great time together!
I love my friends!


MLP said...

SOOOOOOOOOO fun! I felt like I was there. I would have even worn purple and gold!!!

I absolutely LOVE those first pics of you and Ellie. Both of you are so beautiful!!!

tricia said...

loved the blog entry

kimybeee said...

What can you do with Tim Tebow?

The girlies(all three)are adorable. Tell GG not to worry about hand-me-downs. She can just call them vintage!

I am still waiting on the punkin patch photos. I want to see Jessi change that banner to punkins. At this rate, she may have to change it to snow?

Do you guys get snow? I don't think you do, that does it. Just send the girls to play with me for a while and I will take pics in the measly little snows we get.

Love seeing the updates...

Claudia said...

So sad that your Tigers lost. We were rooting for them! My daughter said (before the game came on) that she thought we ought to get in the car and drive to Staci and Don's so we could meet up with you and join in all the fun. Sounded like a great idea, other than the fact that we don't actually know any of you guys and we live in the Atlanta area. So it wasn't quite "doable". Glad you guys at least had a good time watching the game.

Kelly said...

Hey Mo. I JUST got your message. SOrry....I've been a lazy blogger lately. I can't wait to see the necklace! I still need to know your prices so I can pass on the info to my hubby! The kids birthdays are in June (Jenna) and December (Ryan) but honestly...don't go to much work yet until my husband decides to buy! He can be such a slacker! Email me at

jag said...

Well, don't you guys look adorable all dolled up in purple and gold?! Our little Nuggets donned orange and blue! I know! You just puked in your mouth a little, huh? Anyway, great post! Cute outfits!

Beth E. said...

I always enjoy the party pics you post! What a great time, even if your team lost!

I keep my hubby, Bill, updated on your family, and what big LSU fans you are. He was watching the games over the weekend, and told me to say this to you..."How 'bout them Hokies?!" Let me know if I should slug him or something! lol j/k

Have a great week!

snekcip said...

Oh my does Maddi remind me of Bree! We are at the stage of "deer caught in the headlights stare" when I try to get her to cooperate! I call her at LEAST 3x's before it's to the time out corner! Once THAT happens, it's major drama w/the TIM CONWAY shuffle(rmber him on the Carol Burnett show)and then the GUMBY stiff leg stance and then it's NOODLE LEGS after that! OMG talk about a drama queen!! Ughhh stubborn two year olds!!

Love the girls dresses!! I'm a fan of HAND ME DOWNS and love them!! Love Ellie effort at the Number One sign, hey look on the bright does resemble and "L" *see I'm trying to humor you, because it really was a HOOK 'EM HORNS" gesture for sure! "send her to a convent" HA!! LOVE IT!!!

Kenzie Holley said...

AWWW! Looks like fun! GEAUX TIGERS even though they lost!

Amy K said...

Fantastic pics of you & Ellie! Lovin' your hair too. Looks like another great party despite the LSU loss. Our Badgers lost to OSU too, so we feel your pain!

Katie said...

The girls are all sooo cute and I laughed out loud at the Maddi attitude! I can so see my daugther pulling that one day. The drama with little girls is exasperating but sooooo much fun to laugh at later! Love the blog, as always!

Cori said...

Such beatiful, sweet pictures of you and Ellie!!

Renee said...

We still love the Tigers at our house too--even though the offense stayed home that night. Great pictures and I love the new one on your opeing screen with the family at the beach. Tooo Coool!

Rhonda said...

AWESOME shots of you and Ellie!!! And, of course, I love Staci's pants!!! Maddie PUSHING the Escalade is great! Those are some smart little girls!! Looks like a fun LSU party - my little next door neighbor that just moved here from Shreveport took her LSU tiger to dinner with us and dressed in her LSU attire when she went out to dinner with us Saturday night! They even have a big ole' LSU wreath on their front door in Rockwall, Texas!!!