Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Granddad and Gabbi Girl

Well since today ( 15th) is Granddad's birthday and all, it is only fitting that we should celebrate with a blog post all about him!  
This is Todd's stepdad, Larry.  He has been in Todd's life since he was 4 years old.  He is such a sweet soul!  Look at how proud he is of ol' Gabbi Girl who is learning to point! 
Granddad always has a free arm/ lap when he is around these grand girlies!
Oh, wait.  Good job, Gabbi Girl.  That IS a dog!  You are such a smart cookie!
Yes, that's right. And a cat. What does a cat say, Gabbi?  Good pointing!  
Ok, I am back.  And you KNOW he is a good Granddad when you can tell Ellie has been around, and he obliges!
Please check out the beads around his neck and the decorative frog wrist adornment.  See that watch next to him?  It is next! 

But better than that... see that smile?  He is just going with the flow.  Granddad is like that!   
Gabbi loved her special one on one time with Granddad!  
We love you and happy birthday.  

Love you both.  Loved the visit.  And hope you get to move back our direction reeeealll soon!  
Miss you already.


Kathryn said...

Himself is just a mush with our grandgirlies. We get a week with them a couple times a year, and there is nothing more heartwarming to me than to see Himself sitting in his reading the morning paper chair with our younger girlie in his lap at six or so. Our elder girlie claims him in the evenings. Nothing better!

Bj said...

So sweet indeed...I know first hand how special grandparents can be...I am 61 and STILL have a grandmother living...she will 104 yrs. old in Dec. She has dried many tears for me, kissed many boo-boo's and warmed my backside when needed...I love you "Nannie"...huggers, Brenda Werner

snekcip said...

Being a grandparent myself I know just how much my grandbabies are too me. Nothings better than spit up on a shirt, sticky fingers around your neck, or that sweet smell of their little necks! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!

Hoping all the Grandparent's in your reading audience had a wonderful GRANDPARENT'S DAY on Sunday,Sept 13th!

SaraG said...

How sweet are those pictures.
We just love our time with our Grandbabies. We have six. The oldest is 10 and the youngest turned a year old in January!
They are soooo much fun.
Great pic.
Thanks for sharing

Kenzie Holley said...

So sweet!

Melissa said...

How sweet! Today is my babies' papaw's birthday too!

Granddad said...

Thanks for dedicating your blog to me today on my birthday. I am very blessed. Tell Ellie and Gabbi hi. Love, Granddad