Saturday, September 19, 2009

Geaux Tigers!!

Oh man.  This kid is a nut.
GABBI (as in Size 12 months, Gabbi) got this cheerleading outfit for her birthday.  
And I may as well go ahead and add that she also got this doll stroller too.  Jin Jin brought this to Miss Lou.
Anyway, Ellie had to try out every single thing Gabbi got, including this slightly snug LSU cheerleading outfit.  
Or as she likes to call them, "Coscumes".
I think right about now, her daddy was egging her on to try and do a toe touch type jump.  
For a kid who had NO hair foreeeeevvver... that head is a mop top now!
EGADS.  Is she trying to "hook em horns"?  Todd Pierce, you are gonna get it! 
That is hard, huh, Ellie Sue?!  That is because it is evil!  Evil, I say. 
And like that, she is done with the homage to college sports and back to playing babies.
Gabbi's babies, that is. 
Have a good weekend.  


snekcip said...

That's my girl!! HOOK 'EM HORNS! Go ELLIE!!

Pepper said...

She is such a ham. Love it when you can tell that she is smiling at the camera, look at me, look at me. Btw, did you get my check? Just let me know.

Beth E. said...

Wonder how 'sharing' will be between those two when Gabbi gets a little older? lol

Dawn said...

Hook 'em Horns Ellie Sue!!! You keep working on that sweetie. We will help you more when we see you in December.

Mo - I LOVE my is precious. I love my earrings too. Oh and the card that the earrings are on was just too cute. Thanks so made my day!

Kenzie Holley said...

Ellie, you're so funny!! =)

Belinda said...

I love Ellie cheesing for the camera...I bet she is a hoot....would love to meet all of you one day