Thursday, August 6, 2009

On the way!

These canvases are officially on their merry little way to their new loving homes!

Hey, Candy. Likey?
This was an original that was called dibs on,  but never claimed/picked up. So, it is up for adoption!
The next two are going to the same loving home.  Hope you like them.

And this one is heading to central Louisiana! A fellow St. Judian. I especially liked making this for Caroline!
Kathryn, hope these make it to St. Louis before the grandgirlies leave! 
and I hope they match the wild curtains!  I tried.
This little dude is homeless too!  
Holly, FINALLY getting around to sending your two out.  This one for Bailey's room...
and for Collin and Holden, this one.(With a W,J,and H in the heart with  remember!).
Kerrie.... ta da...complete with the "Believe"!
and Ally. Here is  your small one with neutrals.  Got two more in the works for you!
Ok, so Tonya... I tried to use your colors and did two horizontals to be hung one over the other.

Do  you think that works for your new office?

Sandy.  Sorry I missed you last night. We HAD to pick out windows so I missed the meeting.  This is at my WM office if you want to swing by.
Meredith.  This will be waiting for you when you  get back from your trip!
Emma Lou, this  one has glittery wings!  And it will soon live with you!
I am road tripping to Little Rock tonight to see Keith Urban and Sugarland.  Drawing heart  with wings  tattoos on the way up!  Be back laaaaaate!!


Kathryn said...

Oh, thank you! The Girlies are just transported! "She knows our names? Woooooooooow!"

Rhonda said...

ALL of the canvases are BEAUTIFUL! You are so dang talented and creative! You have an amazing natural talent!

But, more importantly, Sugarland and Keith Urban?! Love them BOTH!! What an awesome concert that will be! Have FUN FUN FUN!!!!

Melissa said...

Love the glittery one!! Too cute!

Sandy said...

Mo I am soo glad you had a good reason for missing the meeting. I was so hoping you would just show up late. But oh well. I will drop by one day next week. I am kinda busy this weekend. I have to make my way to Union Parish to make sure my volinteers are as hyped up as I am about the Waves n Wheels. See ya soon

Q's NEWS said...

Hi MO!

I want the "homeless" boys baseball canvas. How do I go about getting it?

Let me know!

Carrie said...

Awesome work! So jealous you get to see Keith Urban AND Sugarland, two of my favs! Hope you have a blast!

Lesa said...

If I have this correctly its the pink one that needs a home? How much are these going for and I want it! I followed Jake and he is still very close to my heart.
You can contact me at
lesagrapp at

c.holley said...

So pretty.

Ally said...

Oh my, I love my canvase. Cant wait to see it in person!!! Your the best!!

Carri Russo said...

Mo, how much are the canvas's? What is the biggest one you will make?

Cori Bailey said...

What do you charge for your canvases?